More beautiful life on Tuesday, February 16, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4217 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Thomas discovers that César is flirting with Fanny, Frémont sows trouble between Victoire and Dr Vidal … For her part, will Emma succeed in letting Camille go with their mother ?

More beautiful life on tuesday, february 16, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4217 [spoilers]
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Tuesday evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul fears the worst

Baptiste and Mathis return to their accommodation with Emma. Worried, she does not understand why her sister did not want her to accompany her in safe house. Baptiste suggests that Camille did not want to impose this on Emma. Meanwhile, the police explain the operation of the safe house to Alice. Seeing that Camille is stressed, her mother does not hesitate to increase the doses of her tranquilizer, without seeing that her daughter spits out the drug behind her back. In the evening, Emma always thinks of her sister. She speculates that Camille would seek to take advantage of their mother’s inattention to escape and find Jacob. Despite the police ban, Baptiste promises Emma to help him get in touch with Camille. And indeed, the latter tries to leave the safe house, coming up against the close surveillance of police officers …

For his part, Jean-Paul receives a visit from Patrick, who tells him that Jacob has sent a video of Lucie to the police. The commander hopes to touch the paternal fiber of the kidnapper in order to proceed to a simultaneous exchange between Lucie and Camille. For this, he seeks the help of Jean-Paul. Supported by Léa, the latter agrees to exchange video with Jacob. In tears, Jean-Paul begs the kidnapper to release his daughter. But Jacob remains firm: if he does not get Camille back the next day, he threatens to get rid of Lucie. Jean-Paul then loses his temper against his former colleague and leaves the police station …

Victoire makes a proposal to Vidal

At the hospital, Frémont suffers from chest pain. Although he is followed by Victoire, he absolutely insists on being examined by Dr Vidal and bribes Babeth to know the number of his room. If Vidal suspects intercostal pain, Victoire maintains her diagnosis, assuring that Frémont is a victim of angina pectoris. The exams prove her right and Vidal also takes her side, which flatters her. Confident, Victoire asks Vidal to be her memory manager. She finds it hard to hide her disappointment when he declines her offer, believing that he would not be available enough. In the evening, when she is about to go to the restaurant for a romantic dinner with Sacha, Victoire is required for the urgent operation of the daughter of the regional health adviser. In order to save time, Victoire plans to seek Vidal’s advice, which Gabriel categorically opposes.

Thomas discovers Caesar and Fanny’s bond

While Barbara composes her menu, César and Fanny exchange texts under her nose. Barbara then learns that her delivery of the day is blocked. Fanny calls on her brother Titouan, who arrives in time to help her out. However, Caesar understands that it is his boyfriend and not his brother, which does not prevent Fanny from continuing to make advances to him. From the restaurant floor, Thomas overhears their conversation. At the end of the day, Barbara is full of praise for Fanny, while Thomas refrains from commenting. He makes an appointment with Caesar, threatening to reveal everything to Barbara. Caesar puts it back in his place, claiming he’s just flirting with an ex and reminding her that he opened his restaurant with his money.

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