More beautiful life on Tuesday August 31 2021: summary in advance of episode 4357 [SPOILERS]

More beautiful life on Tuesday August 31 2021: In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Thomas is appalled by Caesar and Barbara’s crazy project, Noah and Lola’s new look does not go unnoticed.

More beautiful life on tuesday august 31 2021
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Tuesday evening on France 3!

Emma is in great danger

If Baptiste is impatient to parachute, Emma is still concerned about Maxime, who expresses his haste to see her for a drink. Camille continues to question her sister to encourage her to indulge, but Emma claims their right to have a secret garden with each other. Barbara later stops by to see Emma, ​​who is getting ready for her date. She compliments her on her appearance. Confused, Emma confides in her friend that she often has the habit of complicating things when everything is going well. For his part, Caesar still hopes to convince Baptiste to continue working with him for more than two months.

In the evening, Maxime puts drugs in Emma’s glass before her arrival, promising his two friends who accompany him to be able to abuse her. However, the latter dissociate themselves from his plan. When Emma arrives, Maxime welcomes her and offers her his drink. He pretends to be nice and take an interest in her. When he strokes her cheek, Emma recoils. Maxime apologizes and insists that she stay with him …

Debbie reveals to Laetitia that she is married to Valentin

After their night spent together, Vidal and Ariane are not on the same wavelength. They each go their own way. In the hall of the Celeste, Vidal crosses paths with Laetitia. She worries about him. Later, she is stopped by Debbie, who reveals to her that she is married to Valentine. Meanwhile, Carmen and Fanny go to the police station to confront Christophe. The latter confesses.

Noah and Lola come back from vacation with a new look

Sophie announces to Kylian that she will be absent at the start of the school year because she has agreed to spend a long weekend in Toulon, where Marc has settled, her first love with whom she has reconnected. Meanwhile, Franck and Blanche welcome Noé, who returns from his holidays in Corsica with Lola.

They are very amazed by her new gothic look. Blanche is worried about this change and asks her colleagues for advice. As for Lola, she also sports a new style, very colorful. In the square, Noah, Lola and Kylian meet. In Sophie’s absence, they plan to have a back-to-school party.

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