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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While it is time to say goodbye to Samia, Lola is confronted with Noah’s concern. Laetitia, for her part, manages as best she can the unexpected return of Valentin.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Tuesday evening on France 3!

The Mistral bids farewell to Samia

In shock, Lucie refuses to accept her mother’s death and to go to her funeral. Totally helpless, Jean-Paul calls on Ariane, who comes to see them to discuss with the young girl. She tells him about her similar experience and manages to convince her to say goodbye to her mother so as not to have any regrets. For her part, Léa announces to Angélique that she is pregnant with Jean-Paul. She still doesn’t know if she will keep the baby or not. Angelique falls from the clouds …

At Samia’s funeral, all her relatives are present. Lea makes sure Barrault turns around. Jean-Paul makes a speech to celebrate his ex-wife, then all the Mistralians bid him farewell …

Noah is worried about Lola

Still perched on her tree, Lola suffers from a constraining back pain. Meanwhile, Noah and Kylian reconcile. The latter admits to being jealous of his sister who always attracts attention. Noah promises him that he simply wants to bring him food without adhering to his ecological discourse. However, he is caught red-handed when his mother forces him to clean his compost. Done, Noah visits Lola on her tree. After giving him food and medicine to relieve his pain, Noah confides his worries to him. He fears that something bad is happening to him but Lola doesn’t want to hear anything.

Laetitia manages the return of Valentin

Valentin comes to thank Laetitia for her welcome with a bouquet of flowers and finds himself face to face with Kevin, who opens the door for him. After drinking coffee with them, Valentin takes his leave. Kévin then questions Laetitia who defends herself, believing that she has no accountability to her son. She asks Franck for help in order to see more clearly, ensuring that she no longer has feelings for Valentin. On Franck’s advice, Laetitia tells Sébastien everything and reassures him by telling him that she only loves him.

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