More beautiful life on Thursday, May 13, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4279 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

More beautiful life on Thursday, May 13, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4279 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Revel takes risks, Francesco will never admit defeat. As for Patrick, he gives more and more credit to the one who reached out to him.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Revel and Karim join forces

Abdel puts pressure on Bilal. He bursts into tears, admitting that he is incapable of killing Christophe Rousseau. His tutor tells him that it was a test. He explains to her that violence does not solve anything, confident that avenging his mother’s death has not helped him to become a good person.

The next day, Abdel declares to Nisma and Bilal that he considers them as his own children and that they can always count on him. For her part, Alison plans to return to them, but she feels guilty for leaving Rousseau all alone when he needs her so much.

Meanwhile, Revel visits Elsa in the visiting room to update her on the plan he has in place with Karim to save her. However, she is not reassured by their association. At the hospital, Revel and Karim enter Arthur Simonin’s father’s room, which they take a picture of. Karim suggests sending it to him directly. However, the prosecutor does not know his address. A little later, he is caught in the act by the judge searching in his office …

Francesco does not admit defeat

After three days of trying to fix the electricity in vain, Francesco still refuses to call a professional and promises Estelle to solve the problem during the day. When Luna comes to see him, he’s on the verge of setting the apartment on fire. As he leaves for an errand, Luna is tasked with retaining Estelle. But Luna ends up telling him the truth. Estelle therefore calls on Franck and, when Francesco returns, she makes him believe that everything is working normally thanks to him. They make love on their inflatable mattress, which pierces itself under their weight. If Francesco is about to fix it, Estelle suggests instead that they go buy a real bed.

Patrick turns to sport

Yolande and Léa advise Babeth to take care of her as she lacks sleep due to Patrick’s turbulent nightmares during the night. For his part, the latter announces to Ariane that he has withdrawn her from the case on the murder of Bucher. After that, he finds Olivier for a sports session on the beach. The coach invites him to surpass himself physically in order to cut himself off from his mind and stop rehashing painful experiences. Back home for dinner, Patrick surprises those around him by declaring that he is not hungry and that he prefers to listen to his body without having to eat.

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