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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Boher loses his temper, Estelle and Francesco are no longer on the same wavelength. As for Dr. Vidal, will he finally accept his condition?

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Lougane accuses Samia of fraud

Léa warns Jean-Paul and reminds him that his search for Samia must not come before a potential terrorist attack with ammonium nitrate. At the municipal police, Jean-Paul understands that Macher still does not trust him. He then asks Berger to accompany him to question Brian’s brother, Steven, who works in a car garage. The latter claims that he has not seen him for two years and that he only tried to contact him the day before because his girlfriend, Corinne, was looking everywhere for him. At the same time, the national police are also carrying out their investigation …

For her part, Léa finds Angelique, who openly flirts with her by bringing her a coffee in her office. They are interrupted by Lougane, who is waiting for her first assistant for a press conference she was not aware of. In front of journalists, Lougane announces that the municipal hangar which was the subject of an attack had been fraudulently reassigned by Samia. Outside the cameras, Léa is terribly angry with the mayor for having accused an innocent woman. Jean-Paul arrives, very angry, and punches the mayor in the stomach, who collapses to the ground …

Estelle and Francesco argue violently

In order to apologize for her behavior the night before, Estelle wakes up Francesco with a very sensual massage. After a while, Francesco realizes that she is filming them without having asked for his consent beforehand. Estelle retorts that she wanted to recreate a real authentic moment between them but Francesco is deeply hurt. Later, Estelle finds him at the Mistral terrace. Instead of reconciling, the couple argues violently, without knowing that Bilal is filming the scene from afar. At the roommate, Nathan, Mila and Mouss come across the video of their argument without being able to know if it is true or if it was staged. For his part, Francesco wants to work things out with Estelle. Noting that his companion is in heaven thanks to the 100,000 additional subscribers they have gained, Francesco believes that they are no longer on the same wavelength.

Sacha suspects Victoire of adultery

At the hospital, Séverine announces to Romain that she is not pregnant. She then notices that her husband is not in his normal state and shares her concerns with Victoire, who refuses to reveal anything to her. Later, Vidal receives confirmation of Victoire’s diagnosis from one of his Parisian colleagues. Devastated, he fails to rejoice when Gabriel informs him that he will be able to return home. Victoire stops by to check on her. Together, they study the data on advances in Huntington’s disease research. Back home, Victoire faces suspicion of adultery from Sacha.

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