More beautiful life on Thursday, July 22, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4329 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Vidal finds his suicidal instincts, Roland discovers the true face of François. As for Angélique, could she take Boher’s place?

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Bilal manages to escape from the cave

Alexander pulls Vidal from the minefield. When the latter regains consciousness, Alexandre promises him to help the castaways to leave the island the next day as he promised Fanny. Alexandre then accompanies Vidal back to the waterfall, accused by Fanny of having tried to kill Valentin. When Alexandre denies, supported by Vidal, Fanny finally agrees to believe him.

Meanwhile, Bilal, still held hostage, tries to seduce his kidnapper. As soon as she leaves him alone, the teenager grabs a fork with which he manages to undo his chains. Once freed, he escapes from the cave and finds the other castaways to whom he says he was kidnapped and saw a monster.

While Valentin teaches his comrades to use a weapon to defend himself, Vidal isolates himself on the edge of a cliff, in tears, victim of the symptoms of his illness …

Jean-Paul tolerates Angelique

Lucie having caught a sore throat, Jean-Paul cannot keep her and, consequently, is forced to postpone the appointment to prepare for childbirth which he has been attending with Léa for several days already. When she finds out, the latter is furious. Against all expectations, she can count on the support of Angelique who drops her off at the meeting, before replacing the role of the father during the session. Jean-Paul arrives unexpectedly. At first jealous, he is immediately reassured when the baby reacts to the sound of his voice. Jean-Paul then accepts that Angelica stays to feel him move. On the way back, Léa thanks him for his gesture which she considers to be a beautiful proof of love.

Roland leaves the Mistral

By questioning François, Roland understands that the latter simply wanted to recover the Mistral bar. Indeed, he believes that it is his legitimate heritage and intends to make it grow despite the antipathy he arouses among his teams. Soon after, Roland apologizes to Thomas for lying to him and defends Gabriel. Mirta, for her part, considers it preferable for Roland to go away for a while. The patriarch of the Marci family therefore leaves the Mistral, accompanied by Kylian.

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