More beautiful life on Thursday, February 25, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4224 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Cissé is struggling to be appreciated by his men, the clash between the Mistral and the Marci continues. Estelle and Francesco are they losing the sense of reality?

More beautiful life on Thursday February 25 2021 summary in
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Jacob is dead

Following the explosion, Emma crawls on the ground among the rubble to her sister, safe and sound, and hugs her. The next day, Camille confirms to Patrick and Dr. Friedman that Jacob died during the explosion since she had tied him in the bedroom. Camille continues to defend her former captor, to whom she finds extenuating circumstances. Emma respects her grief and lets her decide where she wants to live. When they meet Alice on the Place du Mistral, Camille affirms that she does not want to return with her to Nice and that she prefers to live with Emma. Camille nevertheless fears Baptiste’s reaction. Indeed, this one does not agree with Emma and would like Camille to go to the hotel…

Meanwhile, the police are celebrating the end of their investigation. Patrick announces Jacob’s death to Jean-Paul, then offers to help him return to their group. Jean-Paul declines, still hoping to find Samia while remaining at the head of the municipal police.

Fanny resigns

A cinema manager is looking for a restaurant where to have lunch with his teams while they are filming in Marseille. First won over by the Marci’s menu, it finally leans towards that of the Mistral. In order to get revenge, Caesar slips laxatives into their competitor’s food. For her part, Fanny invites Thomas and Barbara to discover the menu that the Mistral offered to the manager. She sneaks into the bar’s kitchens and tastes Alison’s simmered dish. When Fanny discovers that Caesar is responsible for her poisoning, she resigns.

Estelle and Francesco receive a gift

Congratulated on their last story, Estelle and Francesco receive the keys to their dream villa, rented by their sponsor. While they shoot a video there to announce their future housewarming, Francesco and Estelle are actually very disappointed by the villa which turns out to be uninhabitable due to the filming equipment. Back at the roommate, Estelle complains to Mila. The latter wants to make him his favorite dessert to cheer him up but Estelle only has eyes for the heartwarming messages of her subscribers. In the evening, Estelle and Francesco are so obsessed with filming their story that they forget to have dinner with their roommates.