More beautiful life on Thursday, February 18, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4219 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the Mistral and the Marci fight over the police dinner, the rapprochement between Victoire and Dr Vidal seems to have reached its limits. Camille finds Jacob.

More beautiful life on Thursday February 18 2021 summary in
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Thursday evening on France 3!

Jacob intends to keep Lucie

While Kévin and Baptiste rush off in the car to find Emma, ​​they hear over the phone that Camille convinces Jacob to spare her. While Camille takes off on a motorcycle with Jacob, Emma wakes up in Baptiste’s arms. The next day, at the police station, Dr. Friedman indicates that Camille and Jacob’s complicity gives them a head start over the police. However, she notices a change in her behavior since Camille intervened for the first time in order to save Emma. The psychologist thus supposes that Camille could prevent Jacob from harming Lucie. Back home, Emma and Baptiste face Alice, who overwhelms her daughter with reproaches and keeps putting her down. Baptiste takes the defense of his wife and fires his stepmother bluntly.

Meanwhile, Camille gets attached to her bed and promises Jacob never to leave again. In order to congratulate her for coming back to him, he releases her. When he burns his old clothes in the garden, Camille insists on keeping a sweater belonging to Emma. In the evening, Camille wonders why Jacob did not release Lucie. His captor explains to him that he wants to fulfill his desire to have a sister by keeping her with them …

The Marci and the Mistral fight for a dinner

Thomas offers Eric to organize the retirement party for one of his colleagues at Marci by adjusting their prices. Attached to the Mistral bar where the police have their habits, Eric finally lets himself be convinced. When Leo learns of this, he encourages Claire and Alison to use their imaginations to compete. With a menu idea in mind, Alison goes shopping and crosses paths with Barbara on her way, who immediately recognizes the ingredients of one of her recipes. Barbara forbids Alison to reproduce her. For his part, Eric seeks to obtain the approval of Patrick. However, the latter is positioned in favor of Leo and the Mistral.

Séverine wins between Victoire and Vidal

As a duo, Victoire and Vidal question the daughter of the regional adviser about her symptoms and discover that she is suffering from poisoning due to a defective prosthesis. Lanski later announces to Vidal that further examinations have confirmed his diagnosis. Vidal retorts that he only assisted Victoire to whom all the credit goes. Flattered, Victoire approaches her patient, before being interrupted by the latter’s wife. In the hallway, Victoire overhears their conversation: Séverine suspects her husband of being seduced by the internal, to which he affirms that their relationship is strictly professional. When Sacha arrives, Victoire asks him to take him away from the hospital.