More beautiful life on Monday, November 1, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4401 [SPOILERS]…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Betty is in conflict with Vanessa while Laetitia tries to resist Valentine. Abdel, for his part, finds out why he was kidnapped.

More beautiful life on monday, november 1, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4401 [spoilers]...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Abdel, still in great danger

Abdel is still being held prisoner, tied to a chair. He tries to understand who this woman is who is holding him captive. While he asks questions, she gets angry at the mention of her deceased husband.

As the woman points her gun at him, Abdel realizes that she is wearing a prison administration polo shirt. He makes the connection with the explosion of the van he had commissioned a few years ago. In the vehicle was her husband

For her part, Barbara goes to Alison to retrieve the old photos of her and Abdel. She then came across a letter addressed to Nisma and Bilal informing them of a review of parental rights concerning them. Alison could lose their guard but the young woman does not have the strength to fight.

She admits that she has struggled to bond with them since arriving in Marseille. Barbara tries to shake her to make her act but Alison does not appreciate the moral lessons of Leo’s daughter.

At the Marci, Barbara tries to find Nisma and Bilal. She questions Noah who confides in her that Bilal kept talking about a young girl he met during the shipwreck this summer. Fanny, who overheard the conversation, explains to her that the teenage girl Noah told her about is Alexander’s sister. She will help him find them.

For his part, Karim continues to investigate Abdel’s disappearance by breaking into Nasser’s house, the man with whom he had quarreled during the marriage of Nisma’s cousin. The man swears he had nothing to do with the rapture.

But Karim thinks it’s necessarily someone from the marriage since he left with the van. Looking at pictures of the party, Karim notices the presence of a black man that Nasser does not seem to know.

Betty becomes the new bête noire of the CPE

In high school, Noé offers a coffee to Mouss who prefers to refuse following the remarks of the new CPE. He also explains to her that from now on, he would like them to see each other. Vanessa Léandri indeed asked him to distance himself from the students.

Later, Mouss and Vanessa Léandri welcome the students at the entrance to the school. Once again, Betty’s outfit does not please the CPE because her skirt is too short. But the teenager, who had seen it coming, put on an adjustable skirt that lengthens.

Later that day, Vanessa catches Betty rolling a cigarette in the hallways. The teenager continues to stand up to him. At the time, the new CPE does not come into conflict with her but she then sets up a case so that the teenager goes to a disciplinary council in order to exclude her. Mouss rebels but Vanessa remains on her positions.

Valentin and Delphine try everything for everything

Valentin begins to doubt the plan they have put in place with Delphine. He tells her that he would like to stop there, because he thinks that Laetitia no longer feels anything for him. But Delphine is convinced that she is still in love with Valentin. She encourages him not to let go and advises him to show her her buttocks.

At Le Celeste, Valentin asks Laetitia to help him choose her costume for the wedding. But she tells him that she doesn’t have time. Valentin then offers to change in front of her to be faster, but he is not wearing underwear … Despite the surprise, she helps him.

Valentin then tries to find out what went wrong between them. For Laetitia, it’s her lightness, and she needs more depth in her relationships.

At the Mistral, Franck and Kalya have a coffee under the eyes of Mainar who continues to watch them. But Delphine joins them and sits on Franck’s knees. He tries to get her to leave, but without success. Kalya gets angry and asks Delphine to get out.

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