More beautiful life on Monday, August 16, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4346 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the secrets of the island are revealed little by little to Fanny, Yolande is preparing to take a step forward with Alain. For his part, Franck finds himself confronted with the privacy of his protege.

More beautiful life on monday, august 16, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4346 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Monday evening on France 3!

Fanny and Vidal are attacked by the shaman

Back on the island, Jérémy settles his accounts with his twin brother, Alexandre. Meanwhile, their father attacks Fanny and Vidal on their boat. He throws the latter overboard …

Without news from Fanny throughout the weekend, Laetitia begins to worry. She finally receives a message from him, stating that everything is fine. She then sets things straight with Valentin, back in Marseille. Tired of taking a back seat in her life as a businessman, she decides to leave him. Rochat, meanwhile, warns Abdel of the relationship between Bilal and Ambre. Abdel strongly opposes it.

For her part, Fanny wakes up in a cave, her fists tied. She sees Amber, then confronts the twins, realizing that she has been the victim of manipulation by Jeremy. Arrives the shaman of Gévaudan, who announces that their family council will decide his fate …

Yolande and Mirta’s investigation is progressing

Mirta encourages Yolande to take time for herself by reserving a room for her at the Celeste with Alain, while she takes care of the investigation at the Marquis. As Yolande lures her former lover to bed, Jocelyn’s ghost appears. She bursts into tears in Alain’s arms, revealing her low libido to him. For her part, Mirta returns to the Marquis in search of the blackmailer but is distracted by Oscar, with whom she exchanges several kisses. When she finds Yolande, the latter comes across a photo of her taken in the VIP lounge, placed in her handbag. On the back, a message is written by the blackmailer, accompanied by a phone number.

Emma supports Franck to help Kalya

After cleaning Estelle’s house, Kalya confides in her an intimate problem. The beautician suspects her of having cystitis and encourages her to see a doctor as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Emma submits Kalya’s candidacy to be a housekeeper at GTS. Vincent agrees to receive her the same day for an interview. Franck announces the good news to his protege, who then reveals his problem to her. Franck finds her an appointment before her interview with a doctor, but Kalya refuses to be taken care of by a man. Blanche intervenes and manages to make an emergency appointment with her GP. Later, Emma announces to Franck that Vincent wishes to offer Kalya a CDI. However, Franck explains that she cannot sign a contract until it is regularized. To do this, he must first sign a promise of employment.

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