More beautiful life on Friday, October 22, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4395 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Franck confides an important secret to Laetitia and Camille is ready to forgive Kévin. Boher brings disturbing news to Alison, Nisma and Bilal.

More beautiful life on Friday October 22 2021 summary in

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Billal and Nisma on the run

After the discovery of the van that was used to kidnap Abdel, Boher summons his colleagues from the forensic science. Prosecutor Revel is also dispatched to the scene, which does not delight Karim who is far from having it in his heart. Considering the amount of blood in the back of the vehicle, Boher thinks a crime must have occurred there.

While divers probing the bottom of the lake, they find a watch. Karim confirms that the object does indeed belong to Abdel. He was the one who gave it to her, and she has the young man’s initials behind the dial. Karim is devastated and can’t help but think of the worst.

For his part, Bilal makes contact with Ambre, the Amazon with whom he had a love affair on the island. He wants to see her again and tries to convince her to tell him where she is. She sends him the GPS coordinates.

Boher visits Alison, Bilal and Nisma to tell them that they have found the van that was used in Abdel’s kidnapping, as well as his watch and his bloodstained jacket. The analyzes confirm that the blood found is indeed that of Abdel.

Boher explains to them that they have to expect the worst. If Bilal cannot believe it, Alison, she bursts into tears in Jean-Paul’s arms. Devastated, the young woman takes sleeping pills in order to finally find sleep.

Bilal, convinced that they will end up at Social Assistance to Children, convinces Nisme to prepare his affairs in order to flee and take their own destiny in hand. Bilal leaves a note for Alison. The two teenagers decided to join Ambre. Bilal prefers to warn Nisma that the young woman’s family do not have the same beliefs as her. That’s good, for Nisma, God is dead… The teenager then takes off her veil and throws it down.

Franck puts Laetitia in the confidence

Franck and Laetitia meet around a coffee at the Mistral to discuss the events of the day before. If Franck had trouble recovering from his separation with Delphine, Laetitia, she claims to have moved on. The electrician wants to have managed to turn the page.

While Laetitia evokes her future union with Kalya, he confides to her that it is in reality a white marriage. He asks her to keep it a secret. Laetitia assures him of her discretion and assures him that she will continue to help them.

Valentin crosses paths with Laetitia at the Celeste and apologizes that she surprised them with Delphine. Laetitia assures him that they are clients like any other for her. Valentin then asks him to do him a friendly service. He had Delphine’s favorite tea delivered directly from China, as well as white Phalaenopsis Amabilis, the epitome of orchids. He would like that when Delphine wakes up, she brings this exceptional breakfast to bed, so that everything is perfect.

Later, Laetitia brings breakfast in bed to Delphine and Valentin, but it must have been difficult to see them coo. A few moments later, Delphine finds Laetitia at the reception of Le Céleste to ask her for advice on Valentine’s tastes so that she can also surprise her. Laetitia then remembers that Valentin hates operas, so she suggests to Delphine to take her there.

Laetitia, who has found Franck at the cafe, seems a little annoyed with Valentin, who covers Delphine with gifts and attentions. She finally admits to Franck that she is jealous to death.

Camille, ready to forgive Kevin?

Kevin is officially the brigadier, and the police station decided to throw him a surprise party to celebrate his promotion. Camille comes to visit the young man at the police station to tell him that she forgives him. She immediately notices Kevin’s new milestone.

She congratulates him and assures him that he deserves it, and that she is happy for him. Camille then asks him if they can be friends, but after all they have been through, Kevin expresses doubts.

Patrick Nebout takes advantage of a jog with his daughter to apologize to her. She criticizes him for having always put his work before his family without worrying about the consequences as he did with Kevin. He tries to convince her to forgive Kevin. It is certain that they will succeed in overcoming this ordeal and that they will get back together. But Emilie is less convinced than her father.

Camille finds Jacob, who has found the perfect place to kill Kevin. But the young woman has doubts, she is convinced that she still has a chance with him. Jacob asks her to forget it, but the young girl refuses and asks the murderer not to hurt Kevin.