More beautiful life on Friday, November 12, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4410 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Nisma must make an important choice, while Laetitia and Valentin confess the truth. Vidal discovers the throes of fame.

More beautiful life on friday, november 12, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4410...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Nisma and Bilal save Barbara

Nisma visits Barbara, who is tied up and locked in the back of a van. Barbara reveals to him that Abdel is alive and that she has proof of it in her cell phone. However, the Soubeyrands confiscated it from him. Nisma thinks Barbara is trying to brainwash her. But to find out, she gets her phone back. Bilal surprises her. They realize that Barbara is telling the truth by having a picture of Abdel in front of her. Freed from the weight of guilt, Nisma is ready to go home. With her brother, she frees and unties Barbara. All together, they run to his car and flee.

Barbara brings the two teenagers home, to their empty apartment. They can’t rely on Alison or Karim. Barbara reminds them that no one else should know that Abdel is alive. To prevent them from going to the home, Barbara is ready to stay with them as long as it takes.

During this time, Abdel returns to Imène and finds her in bad shape. He made her make a prescription again. Imène knows that she doesn’t have much time. Abdel encourages him to hang on. Shortly after, he visited Ridouane. Abdel offers to be part of a mission but Ridouane suggests that he prove himself. When he leaves, Abdel overhears his conversation: the departure of a group of girls for Syria is scheduled for November 24 …

Laetitia and Valentin finally meet again

Delphine confesses to Franck that she accepts that he goes to the end with Kalya in order to help her obtain her papers. In the meantime, she is ready to remain his mistress. At the next table, Mainar listens to them, convinced that they are talking about a white marriage. Delphine makes him believe that he misheard and that they were talking about a white wedding. For his part, Valentin apologizes to Laetitia who had to bring him back dead drunk to his room. He doesn’t remember what he said to him, so Laetitia refreshes his memory. The couple kiss.

Valentin and Delphine thank each other, delighted that everything is going well for each of them. The only downside for Delphine is Mainar. Valentin then decides to play on his influence with Barrault by asserting that he is delighted to get married on the same day as Franck, whom he considers a brother, and that Mainar has the wrong target. If Barrault promises to take care of it, he does not hesitate to put pressure on his colleague to gather evidence as quickly as possible by showing great discretion. Valentin, Laetitia, Franck, Delphine and Kalya slash the champagne together, without knowing that Mainar is taking a picture of them from afar …

Adriana and Romain on the verge of breaking up

On the phone with her agent, Adriana declines a contract to stay with Romain. She confesses to the latter that she feels good in Marseille with him, to the point of being able to stay there all her life. Romain withdraws into himself, claiming that he doesn’t want her to miss contracts because of him. Later, the doctor realizes that an article has been written about him in Massilia News. His ex-wife reveals a lot of information about his private life. Angry, Romain categorically refuses to bow to the journalists’ game, even when Adriana offers to limit the damage by giving an interview themselves.

Estelle then points out to her colleague that her behavior is unfair. Romain reminds him that he cannot make a commitment because of his illness. Estelle suggests to him to think carefully about what he wants at the risk of having regrets. While Adriana is preparing her things to leave Marseille, Romain apologizes to her. He is ready to accept the interview for Massilia News and convinces her to stay with him.

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