More beautiful life on Friday, December 3, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4425 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … As Boher fights to save Aurore’s life, Estelle will find herself confronted with a huge dilemma. During this time at the Celestial, a disastrous discovery will surprise everyone.

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Aurore suffers from a malformation

While Léa puts her daughter in PLS, Jean-Paul runs through the corridors of the hospital in search of Doctor Riva. But the latter is nowhere to be found. However, Jean-Paul crosses paths with Doctor Vidal and leads him with him to the room where Aurore is. The doctor immediately takes the right steps. If the bite immediately calms the baby, further examinations are necessary because these kinds of symptoms can be a sign of a brain malformation. To make a diagnosis, an MRI must be done. However, the device does not work without electricity and the hospital’s emergency generator is too far away to be moved.

This is far from discouraging Jean-Paul, who calls on one of his colleagues in the police, a bodybuilding enthusiast. Thanks to him, he gathers a team of bodybuilders, who transport the back-up generator to the MRI machine. Doctor Vidal asks for their help in transporting equipment and patients within the hospital as the elevators and freight elevators are no longer functioning.

According to the results of the MRI, Dr. Vidal finds that Aurore suffers from a venous arterial malformation. The little one risks dying if she is not operated on quickly. The doctor agrees to take care of it.

While Doctor Vidal is preparing for Aurore’s operation, Léa joins him in order to assist him. The doctor dissuades her because she is too emotionally involved. Suddenly, the generator fails and all the lights go out …

Sylvia is Francesco’s sister

Locked in a hotel room with Francesco, Sylvia has a panic attack, convinced that they are going to die. She accepts the idea, however, delighted to be with Francesco at the time, confessing that he is the best that has happened to her in her life. The latter also considers that he is very lucky. Fortunately, firefighters arrive and smash the door to their room.

Meanwhile, Estelle and Benjamin confess to each other that they have no regrets about the night they spent together. After having made love again, they confide in their respective lives, until Francesco arrives at the apartment.

Estelle is far from welcoming him with open arms, especially since he is accompanied by Sylvia. Francesco then reveals to him that it is his sister and not his mistress.

Grim discovery in Celeste

At Celeste, Josiane realizes that one of the elderly refugees, Mr. Delatour, is dead. As Luna prepares to move the body, no one lends a helping hand. The owner of the hotel blames the people she helped for lacking in generosity. She then locks herself in her room to make them think, hoping to awaken in them the flame of solidarity that characterizes the Mistral district.

Indeed, Yvonne, Josiane, Léo and Bahya are trying to find a solution. Yvonne is ready to give up a place in her cellar. Léo intends to ask Baptiste for help to tow the body on a bicycle. Thus, the group only has to move the body to the Place du Mistral. Luna therefore wins her case. As she declares a few words in memory of the deceased, Josiane notices that the mattress on which he is lying hides many wads of 100 euro bills. Luna decides to put the money in a safe place.

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