More beautiful life on Friday, August 6, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4340 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While certain memories return to Fanny who wants to know more, Barbara and Emma join forces to reframe Caesar. Franck, for his part, is striving to move the lines.

More beautiful life on friday, august 6, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4340 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Friday evening on France 3!

Fanny remembers her father

Marie never ceases to praise the merits of Fanny’s father, whom she describes as a courageous man, cultivated and author of poems. She transmits her notebook to Fanny, who discovers a poem about her there. While she wishes to share it with her mother, Carmen is not receptive to it. Fanny then turns to Laetitia and admits to her being completely confused to discover her father in a new light, much more positive than the image she had of him growing up. Fanny then receives a call from Marie, who wants to tell her the whole truth about the murder charge of which her father was the victim. But when Fanny goes to her house, Marie is dead …

Meanwhile, Jérémy enters Celine’s place. He threatens to rape her and attack Gabin. To protect herself, Celine points a gun at him. When she ends up shooting him, Jeremy runs away …

Luck smiles on Kalya

Faced with the overwhelming optimism of Kalya who hopes to quickly obtain French nationality thanks to Franck, Blanche tries to remind him that this type of process takes time. She also warns her ex-husband so that Kalya does not fall from above. Before his meeting at the prefecture with Kalya, Franck embellishes his file with letters of testimony from Léo and Claire. The latter tells her about her own experience with an undocumented person whom she helped in the past and who was regularized after 12 years of proceedings.

At the prefecture, Franck and Kalya come across a man who knows the region where the latter was born, having built a borehole there as part of an NGO a few years earlier. Delighted to help her, he advises her to apply for refugee status in order to have a residence permit allowing her to work and to be in good standing, before providing the necessary papers for her naturalization application. He tells Franck that the deadlines can be quick. Back home, Franck announces the good news to Blanche. She is sincerely delighted for Kalya. Luck continues to smile on her because Estelle agrees to hire her as a housekeeper in her office.

Emma and Barbara supervise their companions

While Baptiste is repairing a vintage bike for the shooting of a film about Marseille, César takes a picture of it to feed their social networks. To ensure their communication, he also calls on Eugenie. During the interview, Caesar answers questions without leaving Baptiste to speak and claims that they have been friends since high school. His behavior annoys his partner terribly. Emma immediately calls Barbara to resolve the situation. The latter contacts Eugenie in order to make a correction to her article. When it appears, faithful to the truth, Emma reads it aloud in the presence of Barbara, César and Baptiste. They all clink glasses of confidence.

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