More beautiful life on Friday, August 27, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4355 [SPOILERS]

Lucie peronne
Lucie Peronne


After a childhood spent in front of the Disney classics, Lucie discovered with wonder the films of the “first times” during her studies, which then determined her passion for films and historical series.

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Fanny still hesitates between Alexandre and Vidal, will César succeed in uniting Emma, ​​Baptiste, Barbara and him? Franck and Kayla, they face Barraut.

More beautiful life on friday, august 27, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4355 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Friday evening on France 3!

The castaways return to Marseille

A weapon in hand, Christophe approaches Fanny with the intention of recovering the crown and drawing a line on the past. He justifies the murder of his father by explaining that he wanted to make Fanny’s mother happy. As they come to blows, a blow goes off. Fanny’s cry alerts Vidal and Alexandre who rush to the waterfall. Wounded in the side, Fanny succeeds in knocking out her stepfather. He falls, unconscious.

The next day, Fanny tries to recover from her emotions by confiding in Laetitia. Shortly after, the castaways left the island once and for all. Arrived in Marseilles, Fanny convinces her friends not to speak about Alexandre to the police. Before returning home, Fanny also thanks Vidal for everything he has done for her. The latter wishes him to be happy with Alexandre and intends, for his part, to enjoy life …

Franck and Kalya face Barrault

Blanche is worried about Franck and Kalya because they have an appointment at the town hall for their wedding project. She hopes that they are sufficiently connected on their history since they know each other recently. At the town hall, Kalya’s status immediately aroused suspicion of a white marriage. The couple then find themselves facing Barrault who asks them for proof of their feelings. Franck puts it in its place by claiming their modesty. Barrault apologizes to them and agrees to validate their case. In fact, he intends to put them to sleep so that he can trap them later. For their part, Franck and Kalya are reassured. Blanche rejoices for them and offers Kalya to be her witness.

Emma is confronted with her escort past

César, Barbara, Emma and Baptiste go to their day of initiation to the parachute jump. On the journey, a good atmosphere is essential. Once there, they learn to hold the position on a floor board. The instructor takes Emma aside, sure to recognize her. Emma then remembers that it is a former client of hers, when she was an escort. But she claims to have no memory of him. When the instructor insists, Emma shines. Caesar overhears their conversation and interrupts them to get her out of the woods.

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