More beautiful life on Friday, August 20, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4350 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the first aid workers sail towards the island, César understands that it is by being close to Baptiste that he can take advantage of Emma. For his part, Franck is about to make a big decision.

More beautiful life on friday, august 20, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4350 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Friday evening on France 3!

Vidal finds the former castaways

Fanny reveals to Vidal that Alexandre’s twin brother handled them when they were in Marseille. When the doctor insists on leaving, Fanny prefers to stay with her childhood sweetheart.

The next day, Laetitia finds Rochat on his boat. They are joined by Bilal. However, the principal refuses to return to the island. He eventually changes his mind in order to rescue Vidal. The latter finds them on the beach a few hours later, without knowing that they are being observed by Jérémy and his father. They plan to attack them …

Franck proposes to Kalya in marriage

At the police station, Franck and Kalya are forced to wait before being taken care of. Ariane ends up taking the deposition from Kalya who files a complaint for the theft of her handbag in which she had all her documents for her regularization file. Thus, she succeeded in collecting duplicates of all her supporting documents before her meeting at the prefecture. But on the spot, she was told that she should have applied for refugee status as soon as she arrived in France and that it was now too late. Kalya is therefore supposed to return to customs with the risk of being escorted back to Mali. While considering returning to her native country, Franck offers her another radical solution: to marry him.

Caesar wants to gain Baptist’s trust

While Emma asks Caesar for help to buy a workshop stand for her husband, Baptiste sympathizes with Barbara by bringing up the subject of children. He says Mathis has been the greatest gift of his life even though he has had to make concessions since he was a father, like giving up extreme sports. Later, Kevin goes to the premises of Baptiste and César. The latter apologizes to him for the filth he made them in high school. Baptiste really begins to believe in Barbara’s good influence on Caesar. This one proposes to his girlfriend to organize a new outing to four so as to be more united. Barbara suggests that she choose a thrilling activity that Baptiste would like.

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