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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … It’s the moment of truth for Boher and Léa. As Celine is pushed to the limit by Katia, Lola’s determination is tested.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Friday evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul discovers that Samia is dead

Eugenie collects the testimony of Barrault who supports the version according to which Macher blackmailed him after having learned of his Algerian origins. Lea, for her part, promises to reveal the truth in broad daylight, before starting to vomit. Lea then joins Angélique for lunch and offers to move in together. Back home, Lea realizes that she is late. Her sister encourages her to take a pregnancy test, which turns out positive …

While the national police are prohibited from summoning Barrault, Patrick wishes to call on Jean-Paul to continue to investigate discreetly. Still in Algiers, the latter learns terrible news: Samia and Malik died in the car he found in the ravine …

Celine makes a suicide attempt

Emma receives an exchange of email between Vincent and Céline, where the latter agrees to leave for two years’ salary, while despising her colleagues in the process. At GTS, Emma doesn’t hesitate to confront Celine about this. Certain to have been trapped, Céline violently attacks Vincent, while Katia films the scene. Later, Vincent tries to reach Celine, in vain. He understands that Katia wrote a fake email to get rid of her but agrees to sign the summons for an interview prior to Celine’s dismissal. When the latter receives her, she tries to end her life.

Lola continues her fight

In college, Nisma finds Jules in glue hours. After hearing his phone conversation with a prep student, Nisma changes her mind about him and they find some common ground.

Meanwhile, the behavior of Lola, who is still perched on her tree, elicits many reactions in the teachers’ room. Rochat and Blanche criticize her, while Emilie defends her. For his part, Kylian resents Noah for bringing food to his sister and for encouraging her in her action. The two friends argue.

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