More beautiful life of Monday, November 8, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4406 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Barbara rushes to help the teenagers, Mouss tries to reason with Betty. Vidal discovers a complicated side of Adriana’s life.

More beautiful life of monday, november 8, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4406 [spoilers] -...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Brainwashed nisma

While Imene points a gun at him, Abdel manages to convince her to spare him to help him find his daughter. Together, they dig into Amina’s belongings in search of a lead. They come across a photo of Ridouane, his former basketball coach. Abdel explains that recruiters often use sport to approach young people. Imene confirms that their meeting coincides with her daughter’s change of attitude. As part of the photo, Abdel discovers a piece of paper on which is written rue des Armuriers. He remembers that there is a prayer room whose imam was dismissed because of his radicalism.

Meanwhile, Bilal discovers numerous explosives in the back of a van. Nisma tells him it’s to destroy cell towers. Bilal realizes how his sister has been brainwashed by the Soubeyrands. From a distance, Barbara watches them through binoculars.

Later, Alexander and Barbara manage to attract Nisma once she is alone. Barbara explains to her that they came to get her and her brother to return to Marseille. However, Nisma refuses to follow her, explaining that she feels good with the Soubeyrand and that she adheres to their theories. Barbara is shocked. Nisma claims that she deserves what happens to her because she feels responsible for Abdel’s death. When she cries for help, Barbara is forced to leave …

Mouss trap Léandri

Not having seen Betty in the hallways, Mouss calls out to Kylian and Noah. The latter agrees to call his comrade but he falls on his voicemail. Mouss then decides to go directly to her home to convince her to come back to class. But the teenager does not take the threats of the CPE seriously and decides to dry up. On the way home, Mouss runs into Betty’s neighbor, who blames her parents for her behavior. She advises Mouss to give up because Betty will always do the opposite of what she is told.

For her part, Vanessa confides in Rochat the letters addressed to Betty’s parents to warn them of the convening of a disciplinary council. In order to save time, the director of the school claims that he must first inform the rectorate and that he will take care of it as soon as it is less overwhelmed.

Back in Scotto, Mouss is summoned to Léandri’s office, who wishes to know the reason for his absence. The supervisor says he tried to convince Betty to come back to class, to no avail. He admits to having been too optimistic. Vanessa admits that she knew straight away that Betty was a lost cause that needed to be fired. Without knowing it, the CPE is registered by Mouss …

Romain discovers the pangs of fame

In Estelle’s office, Adriana confides in the burden that her physical beauty can represent. She shows a lot of humor, simplicity and self-mockery. Later, she has lunch at the restaurant with Romain. They overhear the conversation between two women sitting at a nearby table who criticize and laugh at Adriana’s physique. Before leaving the restaurant, the latter gently puts them in their place.

Adriana then apologizes to Romain, who claims that her beauty is useful to the world. It is even certain that she saved more lives than him thanks to her numerous prevention campaigns. Adriana appreciates the look he lays on her even if it scares her because she had promised herself never to fall in love again after her last very painful breakup. The doctor puts it into perspective: he too has been there.

Meanwhile, Estelle and Nathan keep praising Adriana’s merits. Sabrina, meanwhile, is betting that she can find fault with him in five minutes of conversation.

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