More beautiful life of Monday, November 15, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4411 [SPOILERS]…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Nisma is in despair, Kalya has a very bad meeting. For his part, would Vidal be ready to commit a little more?

More beautiful life of monday, november 15, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4411 [spoilers]...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Barbara pretends to be Alison

Nisma is worried about what might happen to them. She fears that the Soubeyrands will come looking for them and does not understand what happened to Abdel. Barbara reassures her, promising to protect her. Nisma then suspects her of being in love with Abdel. They are interrupted by a phone call from the ASE. A social worker has to spend the afternoon to reassess Alison’s ability to be a guardian since the loss of her partner. Before her arrival, Barbara, Nisma and Bilal tidy the apartment in order to remove all the photos of Alison. Barbara is ready to pretend to be her in order to prevent the teenagers from being sent to foster care. Facing the social worker, they therefore play the comedy of the perfect family.

Meanwhile, Abdel learns that Ridouane has been entrusted with an important mission. But when Abdel tries to find out more, he gets caught. He therefore decides to pour laxative into his tea. Seeing the state of Ridouane, Muwaffaq considers that it is too dangerous to let him undertake the mission, which he ultimately entrusts to Abdel. He must go to a certain Gabriel, sleep at his place, then bring him the package the next day without being detected by the police. Abdel goes to the address indicated. On the spot, he realizes that he has to recover a bag with weapons and false passports …

Kalya is harassed by Mainar

Delighted that Valentin and Laetitia have reconciled, Delphine brings them breakfast in bed.

For her part, Kalya falls into a trap by Mainar, who shows her the photos he took the day before. On one of them, Franck kisses Delphine. Mainar accuses Kalya of ruining Franck’s life with their white marriage and suggests that he confess to avoid prison. But Kalya continues to deny. After that, Franck and Delphine notice that Kalya is not on her plate. The young woman claims to be tired and refuses to accompany them for the fittings of Franck’s costume.

Meanwhile, Mainar doesn’t let go of her. He tries to scare him by saying that Franck risks prison and that it could break Noah. When she finds Franck, Kalya declares that they are making a mistake. She doesn’t want him to go to jail or prevent him from living out his relationship with Delphine. If Franck is sure that all will go well, Kalya still takes a look at the boats leaving from Marseille to Bamako …

Romain hides his illness from Adriana

Forced to go back to Paris for meetings, Adriana offers Romain to accompany her in order to make her discover her environment. The doctor accepts and immediately suggests that he have a picnic together for lunch. He then announces to Estelle that he intends to close his practice for a few days in order to spend time with Adriana. He also intends to talk to her about his illness, hoping that it does not change anything between them. Estelle encourages him.

During the picnic, as Romain begins to tell his story, Adriana sees the lens of a paparazzi pointed at them and throws him down to avoid their being photographed. When she asks him to continue her story, Romain gives up telling her about his illness. He receives a message from Fanny, who is not feeling well and needs to talk to him. It arrives in his office, completely panicked. She bursts into tears in Romain’s arms because she has not heard from Alexandre since he resumed contact with his family.

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