More beautiful life of Monday, December 6, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4426 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Boher seeks an urgent solution to supply the operating room, Estelle digests the news of Francesco. Luna discovers a flight in the Celestial.

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul scrambles to save Aurore

Fearing for his daughter’s life, Jean-Paul helps her breathe. Léa reassures him: the generator will soon be repaired and Doctor Vidal is an excellent surgeon. She takes over to let her companion rest. The latter tries to get information about the situation. He overhears a conversation between Doctor Riva and Doctor Vidal. Ultimately, the generator is not going to be repaired anytime soon. Vidal gets angry because every hour that passes reduces Aurore’s chances of survival …

Jean-Paul then calls in colleagues in the police force to obtain another generator, but everyone is overwhelmed. On the Place du Mistral, he observes Baptiste, Franck and Sacha tinkering with a bicycle to create electricity while pedaling. His idea works and gives hope to Jean-Paul, who asks for his help to supply the operating room. Baptiste is ready to try, even if it takes a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Lea and Betty operate a roll with Aurore to continue to help her breathe.

Jean-Paul can count on his team of bodybuilders to transport all the necessary equipment to the hospital. For his part, Baptiste regrets having made a promise that he thinks he cannot keep. He is terrified that Aurora dies because of him. Gabriel takes him aside and gives him back his self-confidence.

Once everything is set up in the hospital, Baptiste leads a team of volunteers who pedal or activate weight machines. Together, they succeed in generating electricity. But Gabriel comes to interrupt their outburst of joy by announcing that Doctor Vidal is nowhere to be found …

Estelle’s lover moves in with her

Francesco and Sylvia tell their story to Estelle: they have the same father. Sylvia’s mother was cleaning Francesco’s parents’ house and had an affair with her father. When the latter found out, he wanted his mistress to have an abortion but she decided to keep Sylvia. Before leaving, she stole a ring belonging to Francesco’s mother. This same ring that Sylvia used as bait to meet Francesco and submit the results of a DNA test, proof of their parentage. That’s when they found themselves locked in a hotel room because of the blackout. Estelle can’t get over it. For his part, Benjamin gets dressed and jumps out of the bedroom window to land on the Place du Mistral.

Shortly after, Francesco apologizes to Estelle who thought he was cheating on her. He swears he could never touch another woman. The beautician blames her tears for fatigue. As for Sylvia, she wishes to return home to her companion. Francesco immediately offers to accompany him with Estelle.

When they find Benjamin, Sylvia explains to him that Francesco is his brother. She also wishes to invite him to their home with Estelle. Benjamin claims their home was looted. Francesco immediately offers to host them, which Estelle does not object to. Once in the apartment, Estelle and Benjamin agree not to tell their respective husbands about what happened between them …

Luna finds out the money has been stolen

Since Mr. Delatour had no family and left no will to designate an heir, Mirta believes that the money found under his mattress belongs to the hotel. She plans to share it with the community. When Luna returns to the reception to count precisely the number of tickets found, she notices that they have disappeared.

Luna announces it to the refugees of the Celestial, adding that if the culprit of the theft does not come forward, she will be obliged to notify the police. She also recommends that the refugees save their water because she does not know when the next distribution will take place.

For her part, Josiane discreetly asks Yvonne to give her her bottle of water in exchange for 500 euros. However, she says it is her pocket money and not that of the deceased.

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