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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Boher brings Samia’s remains to the Mistral and Léa settles in with Angélique, Céline’s distress makes Vincent feel guilty. Laetitia, for her part, finds herself facing Valentin.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Monday evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul announces the sad truth to Lucie

Abdel and Jean-Paul bring Samia’s remains to Marseille where the funeral is scheduled for the next day. Present, Estelle assures her support to Jean-Paul. Later, Abdel, Estelle and Barbara recall good memories shared with Samia.

During this time, Léa moves in with Angélique but declines her proposal to have dinner at the restaurant in order to visit Jean-Paul. She comforts him, promising him that things will get better as they go. Jean-Paul then picked up his daughter Lucie, who had stayed with his grandmother in the meantime. He tells her that Samia has had a car accident and that she will never come back …

Vincent barely saves Celine

Finding Celine completely unconscious at home, Vincent calls for help. Later, Celine wakes up in the hospital where Gabriel urges her to rest. Celine nevertheless refuses to speak to Vincent. The latter goes to the Marci to get news from Thomas. Although Vincent takes responsibility for Celine’s suicide attempt, Thomas advises him to leave her alone. Back at GTS, Vincent explains to Emma that the email exchange was false, created from scratch by Katia. He’s trying to find some evidence against her, but she’s already erased everything. While Katia considers sending flowers to Celine, Vincent decides to stop collaborating with her and endorse her cynical methods.

Laetitia falls on Valentin

Laetitia and Sébastien are awakened by Lougane, who shows a couple a tour of Villa Rosa. He reminds them that discovery tours for privileged partners of the town hall are part of their lease. Kévin and Émilie were in the know thanks to the connected diary. Rosa announces that another visit is scheduled for the afternoon. Laetitia then comes face to face with Valentin, who shows a man around the Villa. Once the visit is over, he shares a coffee with Laetitia and warns her that he still has three appointments to make at her place. Laetitia wants to clear things up and reminds him that she is with Sébastien.

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