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More beautiful life in advance what awaits you in episode

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie, even plus belle”… Ariane begins to doubt Zoé. For his part, Kilian dreads Valentine's Day, and Luna consults a doctor to take things in hand.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle broadcast Monday afternoon on TF1! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday February 12 in More beautiful life, even more beautiful

Luna goes from l'avant

Luna has a meeting with Léa to talk about her menopause. While she is waiting in the waiting room, Yolande calls out to her and says loudly: “Mirta told me everything, congratulations!”. Luna replies that if she has so much difficulty accepting this transition, it is because of the advertisements which promote the beauty of young women.

Yolande explains to him that in Native American countries, menopause is experienced as a second birth. She adds : “Every age has its beauty, every age has its strength, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

After examining Luna, Léa prescribes in-depth examinations (a blood test and bone densitometry) in order to consider future treatment for hot flashes. She also advises him to do sports and let go to stimulate endorphins.

Kilian has a heartbreak

At the Mistral bar, Thomas and Aya discover the balloons in Valentine's Day colors that they ordered. If both seem delighted by this delivery, Kilian is not as excited. He said to his half-brother: “You know I have a little heartburn with that, it’s not my type of thing”. Aya wonders what the young man is hiding.

A few minutes later, she suggests to Kilian that they organize an original party, open to couples and singles. The idea would be to put the names of the guests on a piece of paper, draw pairs, then spend some time together. Kilian seems interested in the concept, but he refuses to throw the party.

Delighted by her idea, Aya goes to the Massalia residence to inform the students that a party is going to take place at the Le Mistral bar. Nisma suggests that Steve invite the person who makes his heart beat, but he doesn't understand the implication and replies that it's an opportunity to meet new people. Aya witnesses the scene, and feels guilty for having caused this tension between the two students.

Back at the Le Mistral bar, she tells her colleagues what has just happened. Kilian now thinks that this party is not a good idea, because it could destroy couples. For him, meeting people is synonymous with romantic breakups.

Aya asks Thomas why Kilian is wearing a wedding ring. He replies that Kilian got married to Betty a little over a year ago. For their honeymoon, the newlyweds went around the world, but Kilian returned a few months ago… without his wife. And for good reason, Betty left him when they were in Canada, and since that day, no more news.

Ariane leads the investigation

The day after the inauguration of Mrs. Kepler's necklace, Ariane is in her thoughts. Suddenly, she asks Jean-Paul what he is thinking if she taps her forearm with her index finger. The latter replies that it is Morse code, and more specifically a cry for help.

A few minutes later, Ariane compares the surveillance video with the list of people who were present at the evening. Meiline asks her what she is looking for, but Ariane refuses to tell her more. The commissioner asks her to let it go, but Ariane continues to investigate despite everything.

Later that day, Ariane informs Eric of Zoé's intriguing behavior during the inauguration party. His best friend is convinced that this is a signal. Ariane asks him to continue the investigation into his daughter.

Meanwhile, Zoé and her accomplice realize that the necklace window is armored. The latter is angry, because the teenager was able to be spotted by using Morse code in the middle of the police. He asks her to get closer to Léa, because it is she who holds the second key which allows you to open the window. He asks Zoé to make a cast when the key is in his possession.

A few minutes later, Zoé sits on the terrace of the Le Mistral bar, very close to Jean-Paul and Thomas. She offers to look after his children so that he can enjoy his Valentine's Day. He accepts with great pleasure.

Coming home from work, Ariane surprises Zoé sending a text message. She asks her if she has any friends, and the teenager replies that she has none. Ariane is surprised and wants to know who Zoé was sending a message to. The teenager replies that she was commenting on a video on Instagram. Ariane takes advantage of her daughter's short absence to look at her phone. But what she doesn't know is that Zoé is watching her.

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