More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday September 7, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Chaussette and Lola try to escape the fire, Vidal tries to coax Vanessa. For his part, Baptiste makes a radical choice.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Baptiste made his choice

Faced with Justine’s ultimatum, Baptiste retorts that Emma is the mother of his life and in fact holds an important place in his life. Nevertheless, his girlfriend does not budge. She suspects Emma of wanting it back and isn’t ready to put up with it. So she insists that Baptiste make a choice…

The next day, Baptiste confides in Kevin about the situation. The latter admits that he is not objective because he has always considered his relationship with Emma as a mythical couple. For his part, Thomas talks with Emma when he picks up Mathis to take him to the summer camp. When she declares that things have calmed down with Baptiste, Thomas is optimistic about their relationship.

But, in the end, Baptiste goes to see Emma to tell her his decision: he prefers to give his relationship with Justine a chance. He adds that he will continue to assume his role as a father, but that he no longer wants to have contact with her.

Emma takes the news very badly. She goes to the Marci to drown her sorrows in alcohol. When Barbara refuses to serve her a third drink, Emma goes to another bar. On the spot, a man attacks him by putting a hand on his buttocks. Emma headbutts him and begins to fight with the bar manager. But her attacker retaliates and Emma falls to the ground…

Romain tries a gamble

Vanessa brings Romain his breakfast. When he insists on helping her plan their wedding, she replies that he must heal first. She advises him to start by drinking the herbal tea she has prepared for him. The young man intentionally drops the cup and spills it. After getting upset, Vanessa calms down and leaves to prepare another one for him. As soon as her back is turned, Romain checks whether the note he slipped into his jacket pocket the day before is still there or not.

The word in question landed on the roommate. Sweeping the floor, Emilie notices his presence and wonders where he comes from. Sylvia thinks it’s a paper she used with Nathan to have a drinking game that week. Emilie therefore throws it in the trash.

Later, Sylvia prepares the wedding menu with Barbara. They call Vanessa in video to have information on her preferences in the matter. When Sylvia and Barbara also ask Romain’s opinion, Vanessa agrees to pass on to them. He plays the game.

When Vanessa hangs up, Romain pretends to want her to attract her to him. As they kiss passionately, the young man manages to suffocate her until she passes out. He thus manages to detach himself from his chain, but he finds no way out. He is finally about to go through the window when Vanessa points a gun in his direction and summons him to come back to her…

Lola escapes the fire

Thomas and Gabriel comment on the information they hear on the radio about the fires on the outskirts of Marseilles with pessimism. They mention in particular the disappearance of a group of hikers near the Verdière massif. Kilian has cold sweats. He ends up confessing the truth about Lola and where she really is.

For her part, Lola, who fainted because of the smoke, is awakened by Chaussette. The wolf shows him a path to follow. Despite the fatigue, Lola walks behind, surrounded by traffic lights.

Thomas, Gabriel and Kilian join the emergency services on site. They learn that no report of Lola has been made. The teenager continues to follow Chaussette who leads her directly to them. Lola thanks the animal for having saved her, then finds her family, safe and sound.

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