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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… The threat of the escapees becomes clearer as Laetitia engages in battle. Meanwhile, Kevin seeks to win Alexandra’s heart.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Céline is pushed to suicide by Livia

Frightened by Pavel, Luna asks him what he is looking for. The latter wants her to join him in his room when he decides. Luna is forced to say yes, while Bastien, awakened by the noise, hears their conversation.

For his part, Stan asks Sabrina to leave with him. However, she chooses to stay with Nathan and orders her ex to leave…

The next day, Bastien wants to report himself to the police. Luna retorts that she has no intention of sleeping with Pavel again. Thinking of a way to counter it, Luna thinks of making Lorraine jealous.

As for Nathan, he makes sure with Sabrina that she does not regret her choice. She repeats to him that she loves him and that she wants to stay with him. She’s sure Stan will leave them alone. But, behind his back, Nathan buys a weapon to protect himself.

At the same time, Leo and Vincent hid all night in front of Céline’s home. Vincent realized that all the money in his bank accounts had already passed through a company that deposited everything in an offshore account. Leo then confesses that he is throwing his life away to protect Agathe when he doesn’t even know if she is really sincere with him.

Leo and Vincent see Céline take her car and tail her. They continue to follow her on foot in Marseille. They observe Céline leaning over the railing, on the ledge, without knowing that she is being pushed to suicide by Livia…

Laetitia gets her revenge

Thanks to her discussion with Nathan, Laetitia feels much better. But Kevin discovers that a new humiliating video has been posted on social media. Laetitia’s morale plummets. She decides to interrogate Sunalee to get confirmation of the identity of the students who filmed him. The young girl denounces Betty and Noah.

Later, sitting on the terrace of the Mistral bar, Laetitia calls out to Betty and Noé who are crossing the square. She confronts them about the video and the consequences of such an act on her reputation. She openly mocks their reaction, especially Noah’s, who just repeats what his girlfriend says. At the next table, Lola and Kilian witness the scene, laughing.

Kilian also filmed the scene and intends to post the video on social networks, encouraged by his sister. Sunalee thinks it’s not fair. When Betty and Noah discover the video circulating on the internet, they are disgusted. Betty immediately suspects Kilian of being the author.

Kevin tries to seduce Alexandra

Arriving at the police station, Alexandra gives Kevin a gift in honor of the anniversary of his father’s death. It is a stone with multiple virtues, including that of dispelling sadness. Kevin is very touched. He notices that a certain Sven Moulin is calling Alexandra. The latter declares that it is about her ex and picks up.

Kevin finds Baptiste at lunch break. He admits to having stalked the famous Sven on social networks. He is jealous because he is very athletic.

Kevin then finds Alexandra, who tells him about her favorite music group. Kevin then pretends that he can play the guitar. He also mentions his desire to return to the sport. Alexandra offers him to race and wins.

Back at the police station, Alexandra finds a guitar among the items seized. She then asks Kevin to compose a song for her. In his words, the young man admits having lied about his skills in order to seduce her, then, dead of shame, he leaves to change in the locker room.

Alexandra finds him at the exit of the police station. Faced with Kevin’s apologies, she replies that she found him very touching. They are kissing…

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