More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday September 21, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Céline seems to have memory problems. Kilian is forced to dial into how he wants to run the bar. For his part, will Kevin be rewarded?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Luna comes face to face with Pavel

In order to preserve their friendship, Vincent refuses Celine’s advances. Ashamed, she starts crying on her bed. Vincent comforts her, then lets her sleep.

The next morning, Celine wakes up with no memory of the night before. Vincent explains to her what happened, then offers her breakfast. In the newspaper, he shows her the photo of doctor Livia, who escaped. Vincent reminds Céline that he was her therapist in the past, before becoming a serial killer. But Céline says she doesn’t know who it is…

After a walk by the sea, Vincent accompanies Céline home. They almost kiss to say goodbye. Once alone, Celine reports to Livia, still without seeing him. The latter declares that Vincent will end up falling in love with her again. And when it does, Celine will have to kill him…

Meanwhile, Patrick, Jean-Paul and Léo spotted Pavel’s presence near the port of Marseille, where the corpse of his former right arm was found. On the CCTV images, Leo recognizes Agathe’s silhouette. Jean-Paul assumes that she had no choice but to follow Pavel.

At the same time, Akira warns Luna that a customer is asking her to serve him tea in his room. The girl adds that she took care of the check-in because he looked tired when he arrived, but he seemed to know the place well.

Luna goes upstairs to fill the order of this mysterious customer. She enters the bedroom, puts the tea on the table, then is about to leave when Pavel comes out of the bathroom. In shock, Luna announces that she will call the police. Pavel then threatens to attack his relatives.

Kilian composes with Roland

Kilian realizes that Roland opened the Mistral bar without waiting for him. He insists on taking over from his father, while the latter goes shopping at the market. Kilian then confesses to his sister that he doesn’t know how to explain to Roland that he no longer needs his advice without upsetting him. When Roland returns with his groceries, intending to prepare a dish of the day, Kilian gives in.

During the lunch service, Roland notices that no customer is ordering his dish of the day. He takes the place of Kilian’s server to recommend him to a table occupied by Lola, Sunalee and Jules. Roland describes to them the famous recipe for ‘pieds Paquets’, made from sheep’s stomach and trotters. Disgusted, teenagers prefer to stay on the dishes they are used to.

Disappointed, Roland goes to see Mirta at Zéphyr with a tray of packet feet. When he gives her a taste, she says they are still delicious. She then praises the merits of Kilian, who has raised the bar after François to modernize the menu and retain a younger clientele.

Roland recognizes that Mira is right and hastens to express his pride to his son. To please him in return, Kilian agrees to taste his packaged feet. He finds it very good. Roland is not surprised. According to him, people tend to run away as soon as they know it’s a tripe dish. Kilian then seems to have an idea…

Kevin takes a rake

As Laetitia prepares for her school day at Scotto, she notices that Kevin is wearing a shirt. She is surprised that he is so well dressed to go to work. Kevin retorts that he needs to make a good impression for his future career in the police. Laetitia is happy that her son has a new goal.

In the morning, Kevin and Alexandra make a round in Marseille. When they walk past a group of boys, Alexandra comes under sexist remarks. But she doesn’t give up. She puts the leader of the group back in place, who flatly apologizes in front of her. Kevin is impressed. Later, they continue to talk about this and that. Kevin mentions in particular the death of his father. When Alexandra asks to see a photo of him, Kevin is very touched that she is interested.

Kevin then joins Baptiste for his lunch break. He admits that Alexandra is full of qualities. Baptiste encourages him to try his luck with her, but Kevin is afraid of getting hit.

At the end of the day, as Kevin and Alexandra prepare to leave the police station, the young man invites his intern for a drink. She understands that all the other colleagues will be there, but Kevin clarifies his intentions and his desire for a one-on-one. Alexandra finally declines his invitation, preferring not to complicate their relationship.