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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… As Emma and Justine face the dangers, will the rain put an end to the fires? Simon and Vidal will they get out of the situation they are in?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Baptiste makes his choice between Emma and Justine

While Emma and Justine are both pinned down by the flames in two opposite places, Baptiste is torn about the decision he must make because they both need his help. On the way to pick up his car, Baptiste remembers every moment shared with them, then makes his choice…

At the wheel of his car, he telephones his warrant officer and entrusts him with the responsibility of saving Justine. But Jean-Louis, still plagued by his phobia of fire, feels incapable of it. From a distance, Baptiste finds the words to reassure and encourage him. Thanks to him, Jean-Louis finally finds the strength to enter inside the building and save Justine.

For his part, Baptiste arrives at Vanessa’s. He goes inside, where Emma, ​​after battling the smoke for a long time, is lying unconscious on the floor. Baptiste manages to break her chain, then takes her in his arms to go outside. Despite her first aid gestures, Emma does not wake up. Baptiste loses hope. It’s when he pours some water on her face that she finally regains consciousness. Both spouses hug and kiss passionately.

Meanwhile, Justine thanks Jean-Louis for coming to save her despite her fear of fire. He admits that it is thanks to Baptiste. Justine is shocked to learn that the latter was aware of her situation and that he preferred to save Emma.

At the same time, the rain begins to fall on Marseilles. The Mistralians welcome this change in weather with delight, especially as the downpour quickly calms the surrounding fires.

It is therefore in the rain that Emma and Baptiste realize their love, still alive, and do not stop declaring their love for each other…

Romain finds his freedom

Romain is in the car with Vanessa. Sitting in the passenger seat, he worries about Vanessa’s driving, who is driving way too fast on the rain-wet road. He tries to convince her to hand over the steering wheel to him, in vain. When he tries to take him by force, he deviates their trajectory and their car crashes into a tree.

While Vanessa passed out, head against the steering wheel, Romain is conscious. He checks his pulse, then takes the opportunity to retrieve the keys to his handcuffs and untie himself. As soon as he gets out of the vehicle, he unloads Vanessa’s gun, which is in the back seat. He then walks around the car and places Vanessa on the ground in a lateral safety position.

He steals his mobile phone in the hope of calling for help but it is completely discharged. Limping slightly, Romain begins to walk along the road…

Simon comes out of a coma

Eric and Rose meet at the hospital’s coffee machine. They sympathize around several points in common: that of having remained with the patients despite the order to transfer the most fragile elsewhere because of the fires, and therefore, that of putting their work before all the rest.

The nurse values ​​Eric’s behavior with Simon, certain that this will change the situation regarding his condition. Eric returns to his lover’s bedroom. He announces to her that it has rained, then begins to wash her, still talking to her. Little by little, Simon opens his eyes, to Eric’s delight…

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