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More beautiful life in advance summary of the episode of

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Sabrina must make an impossible choice between Nathan and Stan, the Marci family begins to seriously question their future.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Nathan reports Stan to the police

While Nathan sleeps peacefully next to her, Sabrina struggles to sleep due to Roland’s death. She hears a noise and comes out of her room. In the living room, she discovers Stan, who offers to spend the day with her. If at the end of the day she doesn’t want to leave with him, then he’s ready to disappear from her life forever…

The next morning, Sabrina confesses to Nathan that she intends to accept Stan’s proposal so that they leave them alone. For his part, Stan bids farewell to Pavel and Lorraine. With or without Sabrina, he plans to leave France for good.

Seeing Sabrina getting ready and putting on makeup, Nathan is worried. His girlfriend reassures him: she makes herself beautiful only because she is going to see Stan for the last time and that she owes him that because he sacrificed himself for her. But Nathan lacks self-confidence. As soon as Sabrina’s back is turned, he searches his phone for the address of their meeting place.

Sabrina finds Stan in a luxury car. He takes her first facing the sea. Their complicity comes back naturally. Stan then takes her to a starred restaurant. On the road, they pass a police car. To avoid being spotted, Stan pretends to kiss Sabrina, turning his back on the police.

At the end of the day, Sabrina and Stan stop again near the sea. The young man offers his ex to go with him to Italy. But Sabrina declares that this is not the life she wants. She loves hers as it is. Stan is disappointed, but he wishes her happiness. Before leaving, he asks her for a farewell kiss. Nathan, who has followed them, sees them kissing. Neither one nor two, he calls the police.

The police immediately turn up to arrest Stan. The latter thinks that Sabrina betrayed him, while she claims the opposite. Back home, Sabrina is devastated by this injustice. She suspects Nathan, but he claims he has nothing to do with it…

The Marcis in mourning

François discusses Roland’s last wishes with his brothers and sisters. He relies on Luna to find out about it. In the meantime, they must choose between a burial or a cremation. Lola offers to scatter her father’s ashes in the Mediterranean.

Kilian, meanwhile, is unable to think about it. He goes to the Mistral bar to tidy up and clean up. Lola comes to lend him a hand. Behind the counter, they find the birthday presents Roland intended to give them. Kilian doesn’t have the strength to open his. His sister, meanwhile, discovers his gift: it is an old compass.

Meanwhile, Luna questions her mother about Roland’s last wishes. She suggests looking through her stuff. François and Thomas search their father’s studio, but find nothing. In his wallet, they discover a whole bunch of photos of people who were dear to him. They then try their respective dates of birth to unlock his phone. But the correct code is the date of birth of the twins.

Leo comes to visit them, explaining that he couldn’t offer his condolences earlier as he was in shock. He asks about the date of the funeral. François replies that they don’t even know Roland’s wishes. Leo tells them that Roland had bought a family vault and had already chosen his coffin. He provides them with all the papers he has in duplicate.

François, Thomas, Kilian and Lola go together to the family vault. An opportunity to strengthen their ties.

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