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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Frémont finally realizes his dream. Will Pavel succeed in trapping Revel thanks to Agathe? Will Kevin and Alexandra succeed in getting closer?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Pavel gives up on killing Luna

As Luna is under the effect of the sleeping pills, Pavel informs her that he bought her some clothes if she wants to change. Seeing her condition, he worries. Lorraine explains that Luna mostly needs to eat and drink. She serves him a cup of tea, but Pavel is suspicious. He orders Lorraine to drink from the cup. When she refuses to do so, he takes her aside to remind her that he will be the one to decide how to get rid of Luna. Lorraine suggests that he do it as soon as possible.

A little later, Pavel breaks into Luna’s room, ready to smother her with a pillow. She wakes up and meets his gaze, frightened. Pavel finally gives up on killing her.

At the same time, Leo finds Agathe in her new hideout. He observes her discussing with a man. Agathe then reveals to him that he is Pavel’s henchman. While Agathe wants to leave Marseille as soon as possible, Léo sees the opportunity to find Luna. He promises Agathe that if she helps him arrest Pavel, she can negotiate his freedom with the judge.

For his part, Nathan overhears a telephone conversation between Stan and Sabrina. He hears that Stan respects their arrangement and does not report him. He therefore bids farewell to his ex-girlfriend by making her promise to be happy.

Meanwhile, Pavel’s henchman pretends to be Manuel Jolival, the personal secretary to the cabinet director of the Ministry of Justice. He goes to Revel to organize a fake meeting between the prosecutor and his so-called boss the next day, at 1 p.m., in the villa where the latter is staying…

Laetitia thinks Kevin is in love

At the police station, Alexandra surprises Kevin taking care of his tamagochi. As they both get back to work, their bond and attraction to each other still hangs in the air.

During a round, they talk about the campsite where they spent their holidays when they were little. Kevin wishes to know his name from before. Alexandra specifies that it is not okay to ask for the old first name of a trans person, but she agrees to give him hers: it is Yann. Kevin does remember her and her small wheeled bicycle. Alexandra also remembers the foam parties she was not allowed to attend, evoking with nostalgia this parallel universe where standards no longer existed.

Crossing the Place du Mistral, they then confide in each other about their exes. Kevin tells him about his relationship with Émilie, with whom he was very much in love and whom he left to go out with Camille, who made him suffer a lot. Alexandra, meanwhile, tells him about her ex Sven, whom she met on an app. She was very much in love with him, before realizing that he considered her a mere sexual fantasy. Unlike Kevin, she has never had a real love story.

At the end of the day, Kevin and Alexandra chat a bit in front of the police station. The young man does not suspect that his mother is watching them from afar. She thus witnesses the complicit exchange between Alexandra and her son. On the way home, she bombards him with questions to find out more. Laetitia understands why Kevin has been looking good lately. She expresses how very much in love they look. However, Kevin affirms that no relationship will be possible between him and Alexandra, without explaining why.

Fremont takes it easy

Frémont forces Kilian to put on a waiter’s uniform. He also requires her help to help him settle into the studio above the bar. Kilian is exasperated, especially since Frémont smokes cigars inside.

During the service, Frémont finds that Sunalee and her friends have had a drink for over an hour. He makes sure to push them to take a second tour but his insistence is badly received. Sunalee and her friends prefer to leave.

After which, Frémont asks Kilian to remove Roland’s last selfie. The teenager recovers the frame and entrusts it to Thomas at the Marci. He admits that the atmosphere at the bar is very difficult. Thomas informs him that the lawyer they saw in video has a bogus address. But until they have more evidence against Frémont, Kilian must continue to take it upon himself and work at the bar to spy on him.

Lola and Kilian can’t stand Frémont’s behavior. They are shocked to see him kicking the box.

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