More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday May 4, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Camille is in the crosshairs of the police, Vidal comes to terms with his truth. For his part, Riva learns that he is the subject of a bet.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of wednesday may 4, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Ariane attacks Camille

Ariane and Mathieu discuss with Jean-Paul and Patrick the possibility that the copycat is, in reality, Jacob himself. To dig this lead, they need to extract information from Camille. Ariane and Mathieu watch her old interrogation, when she was still covering up for Jacob for his murders. The police duo think of a way to break the bond that exists between the young girl and her former kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Camille is still tracking Kevin and pretends to bump into him on the street. The young man thanks her for her letter, but prefers to remind her that she should have no illusions. Camille claims to have understood perfectly, then invites her to share a waffle near a Ferris wheel.

While they are talking, Ariane and Mathieu interrupt them to question Camille. They take her to Jacob’s old house and explain to her that Martial was sequestered there exactly as she had been before. They escort him down to the basement to ask him about it. When Camille continues to protect Jacob, Ariane loses her patience. She reveals to him her intimate conviction: Jacob is not dead and has started committing murders again. But Camille stands up to her. Ariane loses her cool and slaps her…

Romain is freed from a weight

Seeing that Émilie and Sylvia have prepared his breakfast for him, Romain asks them not to play nurse just because he told them he was sick. On the contrary, he prefers to continue to live normally, without thinking about it.

Moreover, Romain notices that Fanny is avoiding him. He understands, from Émilie and Sylvia, that she is angry with him for not telling him about her illness earlier. Romain therefore catches up with Fanny to apologize. He explains that he didn’t want it to change anything between them.

After which, Romain confides in Estelle that he feels relieved of a weight since he told the truth to his roommates. He is finally ready to eat life to the fullest.

For her part, Sylvia tells Émilie about one of her erotic dreams, in which she was making love with Romain.

Gabriel is the object of all bets

Since he returned to the hospital, Gabriel continues to take it upon himself, despite the fatigue and especially despite the presence of his evil double whom he tries to silence.

In Marseille-Est, Gabriel pretends to argue with Cédric after bumping into his stretcher. Jeanne asks Léa for the money she owes her, before giving it back. Indeed, they observe Gabriel and Cédric discussing in all friendship. Jeanne can’t believe it.

Gabriel notices their behavior and questions Cedric about it. The latter admits to him that he has become the object of all bets. He even got into the game, hoping to win the bet to buy a new fridge. Gabriel promises him to do everything for him to win it.

Later, Jeanne announces to Gabriel that she has added him to the night schedule. If he accepts with pleasure, his evil double, he complains virulently.

Back home, Gabriel is exhausted. He refuses the proposal of Kilian, Lola and Thomas, who wish to participate in an escape game during the weekend. Faced with their insistence, Gabriel freaks out.

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