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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Sunalee makes a strange discovery. Abdel suffers despite his victory with Tim and Barbara.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Abdel believes in the sincerity of Elisa

Abdel shares the forensic science discovery with Tim and Barbara. The journalist absolutely wants to write an article on the subject, but Abdel believes that it could harm the investigation. Barbara sides with the lawyer. Meanwhile, Elisa panics. She phones the boss of BTC, who claims to not understand what is happening, but who is convinced that there is an explanation.

With the judge, Elisa represents Mr. Burgeaud, the site manager. The latter admits to having recognized the clothes worn by the corpse. This is a worker who worked for them. But he is unable to give his name because it is an interim box that took care of recruitment.

At the Marci, Abdel is depressed. Unlike Barbara, he thinks Elisa was sincere from the start and didn’t know anything about what was under the slab. After her shift, Barbara joins Tim. He does research to find out who is at the head of BTC, in vain.

Abdel and Elisa meet up with the judge. She warns Elisa that she will not be protected by professional secrecy if it turns out that she is an accomplice to murder. Leaving the judge’s office, Abdel joins Elisa in the elevator. He tries to understand what is going on. Elisa bursts into tears in his arms…

Sunalee leads the investigation

Installed on the terrace of the Marci, Nathan overhears a telephone conversation from Kevin, seated at a nearby table, about Scotto’s ball. Both are eager to be there to prove that his generation is the best. Later, Luna learns that Noah and Jules can’t rock dance and sets out to teach them.

For his part, Dimitri thanks Sunalee for having pushed him to confide. Indeed, the suicide of his sister is a taboo subject with his father. Dimitri confesses that he never really managed to grieve because he still doesn’t know what pushed his sister to commit suicide. Sunalee is touched.

She then joins Lola and Noé at the foyer to prepare invitations to the ball for the former students. She comes across a class photo where Nathan appears. Beside him, she recognizes Natacha. After taking a photo of the two side by side, Sunalee asks her English teacher about it. But even with the photo in front of him, the latter affirms that he has no memory of Natacha.

Eric’s past resurfaces

If Ariane is depressed because of her celibacy, Eric, meanwhile, only sees the good sides. The two colleagues hope to change their minds by arresting drug dealers. But their attempt to arrest takes another turn when the dealers in question try to steal the bag of a student who was passing by. Ariane and Eric intervene, discovering that the young man is hiding a sum of 33,000 euros in his bag. They take him to the police station for questioning. The individual claims that the bag is not his. Since he has no criminal record, Eric releases him by depositing the money. However, Ariane believes that it is necessary to dig.

At the same time, a man enters the interior of the police station. Recognizing him, Eric hides under his desk and asks Ariane to create a diversion. She accompanies him to the interrogation room and takes his statement. The man in question is a horse breeder in the countryside and also sells the products of his farm in the markets. He files a complaint because his professional van has been tagged with homophobic insults. He suspects a gang of young people who have already caused him problems. Ariane promises to organize patrols and leaves him her card. Behind the glass, Eric listens to their exchange.

Once the man has left, Eric confesses to Ariane that it is Simon, with whom he was at the police academy 20 years ago. They were best friends until Simon started hitting on him. As Eric did not assume his homosexuality at the time, he dismissed him. But he often thinks of him since, wondering what could have happened if he had assumed his sexual orientation…

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