More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday July 27, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Patrick and Boher dream of starification for their baby. Vidal meets the mysterious Vanessa. The situation remains tense between Emma and Baptiste.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Ariane finds Jacob in prison

Accused by her sister of being involved in their mother’s death, Camille retaliates by asserting that she is not a monster. Kevin tries to temper the situation. Emma turns on her heels and leaves…

The next day, Baptiste wakes up at Justine’s. He discovers Kevin’s 12 missed calls on his cell phone. The latter arrives at Justine’s to talk to her. He announces to her the death of Alice Ruiz, insisting that he go and speak with Emma. Justine encourages Baptiste to do so.

Baptiste will therefore hear from his wife, but the latter lets her anger explode against him. She kicks him out again, stating that she is fine on her own and doesn’t need him.

Baptiste arrives late for the meeting organized in the RCCI cell. The investigation into the arsonist is not progressing. But another outbreak of fire is declared in the region. This time, Baptiste and Justine are required in the field.

Meanwhile, Ariane visits Jacob in prison. The latter was placed in solitary confinement after having torn off, with his teeth, the ears of the inmates who launched a false rumor about him. Through the door, Ariane informs Jacob that he will be transferred to the police station the next day, in order to be interrogated there with Camille, about the death of Alice Ruiz…

Romain has a crush

Sylvia tries to make amends with Romain by all means: she irons his jeans, prepares him breakfast… but nothing works. She then goes to his office to apologize again and bury the hatchet. Romain admits that he doesn’t blame him because he knows he would have made a mistake when he returned to Paris.

To change his mind, Émilie and Sylvia take Romain to an outdoor dance bar. Although he is not very comfortable, he is dragged onto the dance floor by a lady.

He then observes a young woman dancing alone on the floor. She approaches him and Romain inadvertently steps on her foot. She complains of ankle pain. So he goes to get some ice at the bar, then examines it. They introduce each other: the young woman’s name is Vanessa. To make up for it, Romain goes to get her a drink at the bar. In his absence, Vanessa receives a message that seems to upset her. She hastily leaves the scene, leaving one of her shoes behind…

Patrick and Boher shoot

Patrick and Jean-Paul meet at Marci, all dressed up for their photo shoot with the babies. Sylvia, who overheard their conversation, remembers a shoot she did and gives them some advice. She notably points out to Patrick that he has dark circles and redness. As for Jean-Paul, she suggests that he change his shirt so as not to sweat too much in the spotlight.

In turn, Patrick and Jean-Paul go to Estelle for a facial. Jean-Paul also swaps his shirt for a T-shirt and a jacket. Ready, they go to Prune. Patrick then claims to need to change Raphael to create a diversion. Prune accompanies her to the bathroom. Jean-Paul takes the opportunity to rummage through his belongings. In his handbag, he discovers an envelope containing around 10,000 euros in cash, as well as an identity card in the name of Marie Riboulet. He takes a picture of everything, before putting everything back in its place.

Prune starts the shoot with Patrick, who agrees to drop the shirt. Jean-Paul, meanwhile, is a little more cautious. But Prune always knows what to tell them to flatter them.

Back in the Nebout apartment, Patrick and Jean-Paul feed the babies. Patrick receives the photos from their shoot and transfers them to Léa and Babeth.

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