More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday July 20, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Facing the fire, the Castels join forces, while Camille divides her loved ones and Eric and Simon come into conflict with their neighbor.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

The Castels find refuge

Forced to abandon their motorhome, the Castels meet Lucien, the man who shot them. He shows hospitality by hosting them in a barn he has set up with a group of friends. Everyone hopes that the tide will not turn in order to stay protected from the fires.

The next day, Bastien announces to his children that he prefers to stay a few more days in the village before hitting the road again. Luna offers to lend a hand to Lucien and his friends to secure the area, in particular by clearing brush. She also takes advantage of the phone to call Mirta and reassure her. In return, the latter affirms that she is fine. But when she hangs up, Laetitia, who has heard her conversation, insists that she be examined.

Later, Lucien guesses that Sunalee is suffering from a heartache and succeeds in cheering her up.

A fire breaks out on the beach

After the love, Emma wakes up alongside Baptiste. She then admits to being convinced that something serious has happened to Caesar. Baptiste gets upset. To make up for it, Emma offers him to spend the day as a couple, but he declines and goes to work.

Meanwhile, Camille convinces Kevin to let her accompany him when he goes to see Emma about Caesar. Kevin thus announces to Emma that Caesar never went to Canada, since there is no trace of him at customs. Emma is all the more worried because Rochat has never heard from her nephew. Camille then offers to change her mind by going to the beach to surprise Baptiste.

For his part, Baptiste finds Justine at the aid station. The young woman is furious at not being able to make herself useful in the face of the fires which continue to spread in the region. If Baptiste tries to put it into perspective by charming him, Justine is not in the mood.

Later, Emma, ​​Mathis, Kevin and Camille all arrive at the beach. They meet Justine, who prefers to leave them with her family. Baptiste spends time with his son, before noticing, in the distance, that a fire has broken out at the edge of the beach…

Eric meets Simon’s neighbor

At the police station, Ariane is depressed that Eric is no longer there. Jean-Paul gives him a good opportunity to contact him by informing him that Vautrin has been seen at the nightclub located next to the Opera, where Eric had an informant. Ariane jumps at the chance to call her former colleague. He promises to help him with Diego, his informant, then agrees to go to the police station next week.

Eric then enjoys a horseback ride in the forest with Simon. The latter notices that an irrigation canal is practically dry, which may cause him problems in watering his horses. He is certain that his neighbor, Roger, with whom he has already had conflicts in the past, knows about it. Eric and Simon go up the canal for a few meters and realize that it is blocked by a pile of stones. Roger explains that a landslide is the cause and promises to fix it as soon as possible.

Back home, Eric and Simon agree that Roger is certainly not innocent in the story. But Simon prefers to trust him to solve the problem, rather than confront him directly as Eric suggests.

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