More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday January 19, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… As Bastien and Luna get closer to the truth, Mouss accumulates failures. For their part, Karim and Abdel lose their driving license.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of wednesday january 19, 2022 [spoilers] -...

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Talbolt gets shot

The armed man who broke into the Celeste meets Pablo on the stairs. The latter is in the midst of a sleepwalking attack. Hearing that the family is waking up, the man flees. Pablo wakes up just in time to see it, fearing it is his mother’s killer. Bastien reassures him. Unlike Luna, he refuses to go to the police. He intends to manage the situation alone…

The next day, while talking with Thomas, Mirta ends up realizing that Luna is having an affair with Bastien. She is very worried that her daughter continues to fall for dangerous men.

For her part, Luna follows Bastien to Talbot’s. Together they pick the lock. They go inside and search the place from top to bottom. In the trash can, they find a letter from Élodie giving an appointment with Talbot on the day of the signing of the hotel. From the window, Luna and Bastien see Talbot, ready to go home. Bastien comes out and confronts him outside the entrance to his home about what he found. Talbolt then explains that he was working with Élodie because she needed the money to buy the Celeste. Faced with Bastien’s skepticism, Talbolt advises him to check their boat’s life jackets. As Talbot is about to reveal Élodie’s whereabouts, a shot rings out. Talbot is hit…

Abdel and Karim lose their driving license

At the wheel of his car, Karim teaches Bilal the basics of driving, in particular transmitting to him the values ​​of courtesy and living together. But when he sees a man who owes him money on a motorcycle, he forgets all his principles and races him to a parking lot. Karim gets out of his car to threaten the motorbike driver, who promises to return his money within 48 hours. Bilal is hilarious.

Nevertheless, Karim’s offenses did not go unnoticed by the police. Éric arrests him for having run a red light and taken a wrong way. Forced to follow him to the police station, Karim gives his car keys to the policeman. The latter advises him to warn Abdel. Aware of the situation, the lawyer takes his car and hurries to get to the station. On the road, he is stopped by the police for speeding.

The Fedalas therefore all meet at the police station. Karim and Abdel no longer have any points on their licence. So they will have to iron it.

Back home, Abdel tries to understand what could have led his father to such a situation. Bilal covers for him, inventing a story where Karim would have rushed into the streets to save an elderly victim of an assault.

Mouss feels helpless

Confident, Mouss organizes a meeting between Jules’ mother and maths teacher. He quickly becomes disillusioned because they are not at all on the same wavelength. Everyone remains entrenched in their positions and the tone rises. Mouss then catches up with Ms. Langlois in the hallway to mediate. But she doesn’t want to hear anything. Furthermore, she demands a written apology from her son’s teacher. After which, Mouss hears a conversation between Lola, Noé and Kilian, who plan to boycott the next delegate elections. Completely discouraged, Mouss confides in Sabrina and Nathan.

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