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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Francesco is about to find out with whom Benjamin is cheating on Sylvia, Babeth takes over. Will the Castel family resist the link between Bastien and Luna?

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Elodie threatens Luna

Following her father’s revelation about her affair with Luna, Akira explains that she just wanted to defend her mother. The latter retorts that these are adult stories and that her poisoning attempt remains very serious. While her daughter leaves to isolate herself at the front of the boat, Elodie follows her to comfort her. She also says that she does not want to divorce her father. Nevertheless, Elodie makes Akira promise not to tell Sunalee and Hugo about Bastien and Luna’s affair …

The next day, Elodie reminds her husband that they had made an agreement: they are free to see elsewhere as long as their family is preserved. She therefore asks Bastien to put an end to her affair with Luna. But the latter explains that it is impossible because he is in love with her. He promises his wife to find a solution to preserve their children, but he wants to continue his affair with his youthful sweetheart.

Meanwhile at Celeste, Luna and Hugo are surprised by the absence of Bastien and Elodie for the start of the work. Fortunately, Luna gives the artisans some deposit checks so they can get started. Very admiring of the Castels, Mirta does not hide her joy. Elodie then arrives at the hotel, forcing Luna out of their life. Luna asks her mother to leave them alone. Done, Elodie threatens Luna to attack her if she continues to approach her family …

Patrick is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Upon waking up, Babeth finds that she is alone in her room. Émilie confirms that Patrick and Raphaël are not in the apartment. Unaware of their whereabouts, Babeth calls her husband. The latter found the solution to calm Raphaël: to drive around. Relieved, Babeth took the opportunity to rest.

For her part, Léa attends the municipal council with Aurore in order to continue to oppose the Barrault project. When it has to be expressed, it is constantly interrupted by the baby’s crying. He ends up throwing in the towel and Lougane decides to adjourn the meeting.

On the way back, Léa sees her mother and immediately notices that she looks better. Indeed, Babeth took care of her all day thanks to Patrick. But on her way home, Babeth finds her husband at the end of his rope after driving for hours in the car. Especially since Raphael starts crying again when he gets home. Babeth offers Patrick to operate a shift. So it’s his turn to rest.

Francesco discovers Benjamin’s deception

In the living room, Benjamin texts Estelle without worrying about Francesco’s presence. The latter tries to take a look at the screen of his laptop. He sees Benjamin making an appointment with a girl at the hotel, without suspecting that Estelle is the recipient. He informs his sister and suggests that she go there to be fixed. As Sylvia does not feel ready, Francesco agrees to go in her place.

Meanwhile, Estelle confides in Fanny in order to see more clearly her feelings. Fanny advises her to take the time to regain her intimacy with Francesco before being able to compare with what she feels for Benjamin. Estelle admits that she can’t stop thinking about the date he gave her. Fanny helps him resist temptation by keeping him company.

In the evening, Francesco watches over Benjamin, who is at the entrance of a hotel. A young woman joins him and kisses him while Francesco takes a picture of them. After having caught him in the act, Francesco returns home, very annoyed. He shares his discovery with Estelle, who can’t believe it.

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