More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday, December 22, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Luna is in full doubt about the sale of the hotel, Kylian shows all colors to François. For her part, Estelle tries to resist the temptation.

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Luna gives up selling the Celeste to Barrault et Vitreuil

Bastien and Luna are interrupted by a call from Hugo who wants to know the status of the sale of the Celeste. Bastien claims that Luna plans to think about it. After hanging up, he goes home …

The next day, Luna goes to the town hall for her meeting with Barrault and Vitreuil. In the hall, she is received by a group of Mistraliens, Claire, Roland and Mirta at the head, who have founded a committee to save Celeste. Roland makes Luna understand that she is going to betray the whole neighborhood by selling the hotel to Barrault and Vitreuil. Luna goes beyond in order to find her buyers. But when signing, Luna recanted …

On the Place du Mistral, Mirta calls out to Hugo and Elodie, then announces the good news to them. For her part, Luna confesses to Thomas that she did not think of saving the Mistral. She especially wants to stay close to Bastien …

In the evening, Elodie and Bastien renew their offer to Luna. This time, she accepts it. Elodie is so happy that she invites Luna to celebrate Christmas with them on their boat. The general euphoria was short-lived as Luna received a call from the town hall. She learns that Barrault and Vitreuil are asserting their right of pre-emption on the hotel …

François brings order to teenagers

Kylian is having fun drawing water while Francois is in the shower. Despite his revenge, he quickly becomes disillusioned when François announces to him that he has concocted a daily revision program for himself and his sister. Shortly after, François comes home from shopping and asks the teenagers for help to put them away. Lola is delighted that he bought vegan products and is lending him a helping hand. Kylian, meanwhile, retorts that he’s busy with an online course. François suspects him of lying to her. He calls ASE to denounce the teens until Kylian surrenders.

Later, Roland offers Thomas and François to spend Christmas with their family. The latter accept on condition of celebrating it in their respective establishment. Roland finds a compromise that suits everyone: they will eat the starter and the main course at the Marci, then the cheese and the dessert at the Mistral bar.

Meanwhile, Lola criticizes her brother for not making enough efforts to regain their old privileges: cellphones, outings, etc …

In the evening, François notices that Lola has tidied up the apartment and prepared dinner. As a reward, he allows teens to go out on Friday night. If Kylian is delighted, François specifies that it is only to spend New Years Eve with family and not to see their friends.

Estelle and Benjamin give in to temptation

As soon as Estelle finds herself alone with Benjamin following the departure of Francesco and Sylvia for Italy, she rushes to work. Just before, the beautician goes to Marci to confide in Fanny. She reveals to be irresistibly attracted to Benjamin, who reminds her of her ex Djawad. Even though she feels ready to give in, Estelle is determined to hold on by continuing to avoid Benjamin as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Francesco shares memories of his childhood with his sister. He notices that she has the same tic as their grandmother. Sylvia then recounts how she met Benjamin, admitting that she had no idea that a man like him could be interested in her. Francesco finds that she does not have enough self-confidence and emphasizes her qualities. He takes a picture of it, then shares it with her so that she can send it to her companion.

But the latter is too obsessed with Estelle. When she finally comes home from work, he gradually moves closer to her. Finally, Estelle and Benjamin give in to the temptation

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