More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday, December 15, 2021 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … A mysterious stranger is interested in the Celestial. Babeth worries about giving birth at any time and Roland tries to take care of Kylian.

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of wednesday, december 15, 2021 [spoilers] -...
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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Luna wants to sell the Celeste

While Luna already lands a date with a real estate agent, Mirta is shocked by her attitude and regrets having entrusted her with the management of the Celeste. She relies on Carmen’s help to convince her daughter not to sell the hotel. Meanwhile, a mysterious man prowls around the Celeste, then takes refuge inside. In the hall, Mirta and Carmen hear noise without knowing where it is coming from. While Mirta is ready to fight to keep the Celeste in the hands of her family, Carmen points out that Luna simply has different dreams.

Later, Laetitia helps Luna hang a For Sale sign on the storefront of the Celeste. Luna assures the cleaning lady that she will receive technical unemployment and that she will prepare a letter of recommendation for him. Mirta reminds her daughter that the Celeste housed Léo and Frémont. But Luna admits that she doesn’t have the strength to fight and that she prefers to collect the money from the mystery shopper who has arranged to meet her. For their part, Léo and Claire are saddened by the situation. The mysterious man, installed at the counter, tells them that he knows the Torres.

Luna, for her part, discovers that Anémone Vitreuil and Barrault have joined forces on a real estate project. As part of a public and private partnership, they plan to renovate emblematic buildings in the district. So they are interested in the Celeste and want to visit it as soon as possible.

After which, Luna returns to the Celeste. In one of the bedrooms, she meets the mysterious man …

Roland takes care of Kylian

Noah suspects Betty has a crush on Leah, even though she claims otherwise. Betty especially wants to find a place to party. Kylian sees them, then asks Noah what they were talking about. Upon learning that Betty wants to have a party, Kylian immediately offers to organize it at his place.

But that’s without counting on the presence of Roland. The latter inquired from Blanche, who informed him of the catastrophic grades of his children in high school. So much so that they risk repeating. Roland is therefore committed to taking care of his children. He offers Kylian to accompany him for a fishing trip during which he makes her understand that he deserves better than Betty. The teenager only hears it with one ear.

If Lola thinks that her brother should not see Betty again, Noé thinks on the contrary that he can finally move on when she has rejected him. Lola therefore proposes to occupy Roland with a fishing trip the next day after class so that the apartment is free for the party.

Babeth is paranoid

While Léa is enjoying a walk with Aurore and Gabriel near the hospital, Babeth arrives with Patrick. Convinced that she is about to give birth, she demands that Gabriel examine her, even though she is not having contractions. After which, Gabriel asserts that the baby is fine and that she needs to relax. But Babeth confesses to her husband that she is scared to death. She worries that something will go wrong during childbirth.

For their part, Léa and Jean-Paul take their marks at home with Aurore. Léa loves their new apartment. On the other hand, she has a little more trouble with her daughter. But Jean-Paul is there to guide her. Later, Yolande and Émilie visit them. At Jean-Paul’s invitation, they stay for lunch.

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