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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… As Baptiste doubts Justine more and more, Vanessa gets rid of Romain’s medication. At the same time, Lola has a disturbing encounter and Eric hits rock bottom.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, August 31 in More beautiful life

Is Baptiste right to doubt Justine?

Baptiste is worried. After waking up alone in his bed in the middle of the night, he tries in vain to reach Justine on his phone when the young woman finally returns to the apartment. Baptiste tries to find out where she was, and Justine claims to have simply gone for a run. She is touched to see that Baptiste is worried about her.

The next day, Baptiste, Justine, and their colleagues inspect the scene of a fire that broke out last night. Justine quickly spots an abalone shell in an area that was not prioritized. Colonel Gransard is surprised but congratulates Justine for this new clue which could lead them on the trail of the arsonist. Justine doesn’t want to let go, she knows that if the arsonist is part of Jourdan’s sect, it can be very dangerous because Jourdan is unpredictable. Baptiste seems to find Justine’s behavior more and more suspicious

Later, Baptiste confides in Emma. He explains to her that Justine disappeared in the middle of the night, at the time of the fires, and that she had, coincidentally, very quickly found the abalone shell a little earlier. Baptiste doubts and criticizes Emma for having put ideas in his head. He no longer knows what to think. Emma then makes him understand that if Justine is guilty, they could perhaps finally find each other and form a family again.

Vanessa gets rid of Romain’s medication

After being drugged without his knowledge by Vanessa, Romain wakes up with a nasty headache. The doctor wants to take paracetamol but his new girlfriend offers to make him a peppermint tea, which according to her is a much more effective natural remedy.

At the same time, hearing on the radio that the fires are starting to wreak havoc not far from the area where Vanessa and Romain are, Emilie and Sylvia begin to worry about their friend. Especially since they have no news. Sylvia therefore suggests that Emilie ask Patrick for help to block Romain’s phone. She even goes further and puts forward the idea that it would be good for Patrick to find out about Vanessa.

At the police station, Patrick reassures Emilie: the firefighters are in charge of evacuating all the people who are threatened by the fire. Romain is therefore not in danger. Emilie convinces him all the same to do research on Vanessa. Patrick then discovers that Romain’s new companion was the subject of a complaint several years ago for harassment at work and abuse of power. Vanessa pushed several employees to burn out and she ended up being fired.

Meanwhile, in Vanessa’s shed, Vidal desperately searches for her medicine kit. He needs it to prevent his symptoms from coming back. Certain that plants are more effective than drugs, Vanessa has actually hidden Romain’s kit. Taking advantage of him being in the bathroom, she discreetly empties her medicine bottle into the kitchen sink.

Ariane and Eric arrest Marc

While Simon’s condition does not improve, Eric hits rock bottom. He obviously spent the night drinking. Ariane, who is worried about not hearing from him, visits him in his hotel room. On discovering him in this state, Ariane gets angry and asks Eric to pull himself together and react. They finally have a chance to corner Marc Ranquin, Simon’s ex. Eric asks her to forget him, but Ariane insists. She refuses to see her friend sink and begins to cry. So Eric ends up agreeing to hide with her on the Place du Mistral.

After a bit of waiting, they finally see Marc disembark and apprehend him. During his interrogation, Marc admits that he was in a bar not far from Eric and Simon’s house on August 12 and that he was drunk. He even fought. But Marc continues to proclaim his innocence and, unlike Ariane, Eric is not completely convinced that he is guilty. He thinks that maybe Marc is just a poor guy.

Lola’s wolf in danger

While the wolf she met in the forest never leaves her, Lola leaves to pick figs. On her return, she comes across a shepherd who reminds her that wild camping is prohibited and advises her to leave. He is armed with a shotgun and claims it is to protect his sheep. Indeed, the wolf slaughtered three of his beasts during the night. Understanding that he is trying to kill the wolf, Lola claims not to have seen the animal. But the shepherd seems determined to kill the predator who attacked his sheep. Lola then threatens to call the police but the individual becomes threatening and destroys the teenager’s phone.

Lola was supposed to call Kilian at a specific time, but the young man hasn’t heard from her. He begins to worry about his sister and expresses his concern to Sunalee. Kilian decides to let the night pass. If he doesn’t hear from him by the next day, he’ll talk to Gabriel and Thomas.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Lola does everything to scare the wolf away in order to protect him. But as the animal walks away, she hears a gunshot.

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