More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday August 24, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of wednesday august 24, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… While the complicity between Mirta and Father Luc grows, Emma goes through all the emotions about Baptiste. For her part, will Emilie’s happiness survive Etienne’s secret?

Freewheeling Eric

Convinced that Marc has things to say, Eric is waiting for him resolutely at the bottom of his building. He grabs it, gets ready to hit it, but Ariane intervenes and stops him. She orders Eric to leave the premises. After questioning Marc, she joins her friend at Marci.

Simon’s ex has an alibi when the young man was shot: he was at his mother’s. Ariane will, of course, have her phone terminated in order to confirm this information. She also confides to Eric that the weapon with which Simon was attacked is a 9 millimeter.

The ex-cop makes the connection to the gun he bought Simon for protection, but the gun was not found at the crime scene. Eric feels guilty. However, he explains to Ariane that Mallard saw him stashing the weapon in the barn, which makes him suspect number 1.

Emma facing Justine

Emma’s declaration of love disturbs Baptiste. The young man explains to her that he is with Justine. They love each other and they are building something serious. Although he rejects Emma, ​​he does not completely close the door to a reconciliation.

Back at the Mistral, Emma goes through all the emotions about Baptiste but she continues to hope. She is relieved to have revealed her feelings to him. At the same time, Baptiste tells Justine about the conversation he had with Emma.

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The young woman then advises her boyfriend to cut ties with her definitively. The firefighter takes his advice and texts Emma in which he writes “Sorry, we’ll never get back together“. But Emma has not said her last word. While Justine is out making a dubious phone call, in which she tells her interlocutor that she really wants to see him again, she hears a noise. She then finds herself face to face with Emma.

Emilie discovers Etienne’s secret

Emilie spins the perfect love with Etienne. The couple kiss on the Place du Mistral. Seated at the Marci, Boher and Patrick observe the two lovers, when Jean-Paul recognizes the young man. Étienne is a porn actor!

Patrick invites Emilie and her new boyfriend to his place to get to know the young man better. The policeman pushes Etienne to say that he shoots in films for adults in addition to his studies. Étienne then reluctantly reveals his secret.

He apologizes to Emilie for not having told her about it sooner and leaves the Nebouts’ apartment hastily. Emilie is stunned and criticizes Patrick for having interfered in her love life.

Later in the day, Etienne visits Emilie at the roommate to give her some explanations. He reveals that he was offered to do soft, feminist scenes and that he had accepted because it was a good way to pay for his studies.

He also tells her that, of course, he sleeps with other girls, but Emilie is the only one he wants to hold hands with. The young woman does not know if she will be able to handle the fact that he is an adult film actor. Hidden behind a door, Sylvia didn’t miss a beat of their conversation.

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Mirta and Father Luc again accomplices

Mirta has a small mine, which does not escape Yolande. Although she claims she’s just tired, Yolande is convinced that her friend is heartbroken. She encourages her to fight to get what she wants, so as not to live in regret.

Mirta then goes to the confessional to speak to Father Luc. He ends up confiding in her the reason why he was distant with her. The young man is afraid of how he feels when they are together and what could happen if they were alone.

But Mirta tries to reassure him that they will be able to control themselves, even if it may be a little difficult at first. She feels that they both make a good team and that it would be a shame to give up everything for a moment of bewilderment. Father Luc agrees with him and takes him to a chapel lost in the middle of nowhere.

It’s his little secret garden. He comes there to reconnect with nature. Father Luc is happy to be there with her. They then begin to pray together. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Yolande, who saw them from behind holding hands and followed them. She is somewhat embarrassed by the situation and very quickly takes to their heels. Once gone, Mirta apologizes for her friend’s behavior to Luc.

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