More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Wednesday August 10, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of wednesday august 10, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Kevin and Baptiste team up to stop the arsonist. Mirta enjoys her platonic bliss with no questions asked. Vidal, meanwhile, is worried about not seeing Vanessa anymore.

Kevin and Baptiste team up

Kevin goes to the police station to say goodbye to Camille who is about to leave for a unit for difficult patients. The nurses were forced to sedate her and she is not in her normal state.

For his part, Baptiste went to see his parents to see Mathias and took the opportunity to visit Emma. It’s time for calm. Baptiste understands his wife’s sadness. Emma then confides in him that Jacob buried Caesar alive.

Baptiste apologizes for not having listened to her when she told him of her concern about the young man. Emma apologizes, too, for not having taken into account her suspicions concerning Camille. Emma then explains to him that her sister left the police station and was placed in a psychiatric hospital.

To allow her to rest a bit, Baptiste offers to babysit Mathis, but she refuses. Emma explains to him that it makes him feel good to stay with his son.

As she returns to her apartment, Laetitia discovers Kevin on her couch reading Camille’s diary. He confides in his mother that he thought he could manage to save Emma’s little sister and free her from Jacob.

She tries to reassure him by explaining that no one could have done anything to help him. Kevin also confesses to his mother that he feels guilty for not having seen anything and for having reached out to Camille. Laetitia encourages him to move forward and turn the page. But Kevin refuses to listen to his advice.

Later that day, Kevin and Baptiste team up to stop the arsonist. Together they talk about Caesar’s disappearance and can’t talk about him in the past tense. The young policeman still has trouble understanding how Camille could have been Jacob’s accomplice.

While they are in the middle of a conversation, Kevin and Baptiste hear a noise and surprise the arsonist in action. They manage to catch up with him, but a fire breaks out, forcing Baptiste to intervene. He then asks Kevin to watch the suspect, but, as he walks away, the arsonist manages to flee. The policeman, who holds the culprit in check, does not react and lets him go.

Mirta makes a decision

Mirta eventually decided to replace Nelson and take on fire relief work alongside Father Luc. She goes to see Claire at the mistral bar, because they have food to give away. Present, Luna makes allusions to the beauty of the priest, which has the gift of annoying Mirta. Claire then offers her help with the distribution, but she kindly declines her proposal.

A few hours later at the Zéphyr, Nelson, Mirta and Father Luc collect dishes from the hotel for the disaster victims, which amazes the latter who cannot help noticing the surge of solidarity in the neighborhood. Mirta is in his eyes a good fairy.

Nelson gives him reason, because the sexagenarian has not only given him a roof, she has also given him back his human dignity. The former homeless then suggests to Father Luc to have his hair cut by Mirta, which he happily accepts.

During their tete à tete, the young man indulges in a few confidences about his vocation. He explains to Mirta that he has always had faith, but that going into orders was beyond his strength. By forcing himself to live like the others, he became unhappy, and ended up falling into depression during his studies in business school. It was the trigger. He then entered the seminary.

Once the cut is finished, Father Luc and Mirta decide to take a walk in Marseille. The young man takes the opportunity to offer his new friend a rosary that he bought during his pilgrimage to Bethlehem. Mirta confesses to him that her life has changed since they met, she has found meaning. Father Luc is very touched. He then puts back a lock of Mirta’s hair. Troubled, the two friends leave hastily.

Emilie and Etienne get closer

Vidal is worried about not hearing from Vanessa and leaves her a message on her answering machine. He asks himself a thousand and one questions. Sylvia thinks that if Vanessa refused to invite her to his house, it is because she is already in a relationship. In order to find out for sure, the waitress goes to Vanessa’s home to carry out her little investigation.

She then meets the postman in the street and makes him believe that her name is Brigitte Fontaine and that she has been hired for the census. She pretends to have forgotten her listing and even goes so far as to flirt with the young man. Sylvia thus discovers that Vanessa is living with her father. She immediately calls Romain to tell him the good news.

For her part, Emilie went jogging with Etienne. Back at the mistral, they meet Blanche and the young woman makes the introductions. Blanche has the feeling of having already seen Etienne somewhere. Uncomfortable, the young man changes the conversation when Emilie alludes to his father, who also had the impression that he knew him. He then pretends to be hot and to want to cool off. Emilie invites him to come take a shower at the roommate.

Once at the apartment, Emilie comes across a book by Seneca that Etienne had in his bag. The young man explains to him that he is on the master’s program in philosophy and then reads him a passage that he adores. Charmed, Emilie takes the first step and kisses her.

Meanwhile, Romain meets Vanessa on the Place du Mistral. She apologizes for not having given him news. She tells him how much she missed him. She then tells him that if she didn’t want him to come and have a last drink at her place, it’s because she’s hosting her ex who is going through a difficult time.

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