More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Tuesday, September 6, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Vidal is at the mercy of Vanessa’s madness. Eric and Baptiste are faced with big decisions. For her part, will Lola manage to save Chaussette?

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Justine gives Baptiste an ultimatum

As he is about to kill himself, Eric hears Simon’s voice begging him to stay alive and fight him. Her lover also asks her to bring him jasmine in the hospital. Appeased, Eric ends up putting away his weapon. The next day, he actually brings her jasmine to her bedside table. When Rose, the nurse, finds him in Simon’s room, she agrees to give him advice to help him during his coma. Eric regains hope…

Meanwhile, Emma confides in Barbara having had the impression of finding Baptiste when they conducted their investigation together about Justine. However, she noted that he was still with her. But Barbara encourages him to fight for their relationship.

For his part, Baptiste died of worry, without hearing from Justine since the latter was approached by Jourdan. He goes to Revel’s office, who admits that Justine missed two of his phone calls, which is not his habit. However, for him, the only way to corner Jourdan is to wait until he asks Justine to start a fire. The prosecutor therefore decides to wait a little longer before acting.

But Baptiste is not of this opinion and goes directly to Jourdan. He sees Justine in the middle of the ceremony, before being surprised by a follower who offers him to join them. Baptiste skilfully declines.

Back at his girlfriend’s, Baptiste leaves her several voicemails. Justine ends up coming home, exhausted. She is nevertheless touched that Baptiste is worried about her. The young woman admits that she doesn’t want their relationship to end and gives him an ultimatum: for things to work between them, he must stop seeing Emma…

Romain tries to warn the roommates

Vanessa brings Romain his breakfast on a tray. The latter thanks her, then asks her to untie him so that he can take a shower. Vanessa still disagrees. Taking advantage that her back is turned, Romain grabs a piece of paper and a pen to write an SOS message and put the paper in Vanessa’s jacket pocket. Shortly after, he falls asleep under the effect of the sleeping pill she put in his coffee.

Vanessa therefore goes alone to the roommate to retrieve Romain’s mother’s engagement ring. Sylvia lends him a hand to search but the jewel cannot be found. When Sylvia suggests calling Romain, Vanessa pretends he’s been hiking all day. She engages about the wedding she plans to celebrate in early October.

Sylvia invites Vanessa to lunch at Marci to find out all the details about Romain’s marriage proposal. By recovering her jacket before going to the restaurant, Vanessa drops Romain’s paper on the floor without realizing it. During lunch, Vanessa asks Sylvia to be her best man. The waitress is thrilled.

Back at the roommate, Vanessa tries on a wedding dress that Sylvia is willing to lend her. Emilie thinks her marriage to Romain is a bit quick, but Sylvia blames their haste on her illness.

Vanessa returns to Romain and asks his opinion on the wedding dress. Romain keeps a good figure in front of her, but he begins to sink into despair…

Lola Saves Socks

The shepherd announces to Lola that they are going to have to leave the place because the fires are getting closer. But the teenager is obsessed with her wolf and worries about the traps he may have set. She decides to go into the countryside to save him.

Lola goes in search of the traps set by the shepherd to destroy them one by one. In the distance, she sees the flames approaching in her direction. At the same time, visions of Betty bashing her appear.

But Lola ends up finding Chaussette. When it seems aggressive, Betty’s vision advises her to get away from this animal that is too dangerous for her. But Lola stands up to her.

Meanwhile, Kilian manages to reach the shepherd. He learns that his sister has gone into the wilderness, alone, surrounded by fires, in search of her wolf. Sunalee reckons Lola will know what to do to protect herself, but Kilian remains worried.

For her part, Lola understands that visions of Betty appear when she is afraid or angry. She regains control of her emotions and manages to make her disappear, then approaches Chaussette to help her get out of her trap. She is relieved to see him go free. But when she turns around, she discovers how close the fire has come. Hearing the Canadairs flying overhead, Lola cries out for help…

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