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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Vincent and Léo are both confronted with their past. An emblematic figure of the district is making a comeback. Kevin experiences conflicting feelings.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Celine tries to seduce Vincent

Livia continues to manipulate Celine in her sleep. He makes it so she can wake up and follow his directions without ever seeing him. As soon as Céline is up, he reminds her that she must take care of Vincent Chaumette and make herself beautiful for him. Céline therefore tries on several outfits, without suspecting that Livia guides her in her choices. He arranges for her to put on a dress that Vincent had given her and play on her nostalgia. Prepared, Céline arrives at Vincent’s. The latter recognizes the dress she is wearing, touched that she has kept it. Celine then evokes her need for rest. She pretends to have reserved a suite in Capri for a seminar that has just been canceled and offers to accompany him. Vincent is visibly tempted, but he is disturbed by the memory of Céline threatening to commit suicide in the Mistral bar…

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul confirms to Revel that the escapees are approaching Marseille in order to settle their accounts there. Leo intervenes and affirms that Livia is already at the Mistral. He provides Jean-Paul with a list of all the people who have dealt with the serial killer in the past. However, Revel categorically refuses to let Leo join the ranks of the police because of his problems with indiscipline.

Leaving the police station, Leo sees Revel in a bad position when faced with Eugenie’s questions. He interferes in the conversation to restore the image of the police concerning the investigation of Livia. He confides in particular that he knows his modus operandi by heart and that he is sure to catch him. The prosecutor is thus forced to announce to the press that Leo has been hired as a reserve consultant.

Leo pulls out his old cop leather jacket. Claire is nevertheless worried about the risks he will take. Leo confesses to her that he also needs to protect Agathe. Claire shows him her support, hoping that he hides nothing from her of his intentions.

For his part, on returning home in the evening, Vincent notices that someone has broken into his apartment. In his room, he finds Céline, lying on her bed in lingerie, inviting her to join him…

Roland is back at the Mistral

Upon learning that the Mistral bar has been open when Léo and Claire are not on duty in the morning, Kilian fears the worst and rushes to the spot. There he discovers that Roland has returned from the United States. Determined to stay in Marseille, he settled in the studio above the bar.

Roland spends time with Kilian and Baptiste, telling them anecdotes of his adventures in the bayou with François. He says he wanted to return to Marseille when he found out that Kilian was taking over the bar for good. The latter wants to show him that he knows how to do it but Roland can’t help correcting the way he uses the coffee machine.

Later, Roland serves drinks to Lola and Sunalee. She points out that something is missing from her café crème. Kilian then shows his father his personal touch for this kind of drink: a foam heart on top.

After which, Thomas also goes to see his father at the bar. He suspects that it will be difficult for Kilian to manage the establishment if Roland constantly observes his actions.

Alexandra reveals to have been harassed

When Kevin arrives at the police station, he finds that Alexandra is already there and has appropriated the place by decorating her office with some personal belongings. Kevin is then amused and surprised to observe Alexandra taking care of a tamagochi.

Kevin and Alexandra go around the neighborhood together and meet Baptiste. He invites his best friend to lunch. Kevin therefore offers his trainee to join him later at the police station. As soon as they are alone, Baptiste teases Kevin about Alexandra. But the young policeman claims that he is no longer interested in girls.

For her part, Alexandra approaches Ariane in order to find out about Jean-Paul’s tastes in order to give him a gift and make herself look good. When Ariane accuses her of faking, Alexandra retorts that she sincerely wants to put all the chances on her side for her future career in the police. She actually wants to take the commissioner’s competition. But Ariane curtly rebuffs her, then advises Kevin to beware of her.

On the contrary, Kevin tries to reassure Alexandra. The latter explains that she did not take it the wrong way and that she remains focused on her goal no matter what. She says that her vocation came quite early: being harassed at school, she wanted to defend the weakest. Kevin is surprised by this revelation, given his confidence.

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