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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Is Léo in love with Agathe? Will Alexandra and Kevin formalize their relationship at the police station? Will François and Thomas overcome their bitterness?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Leo makes his choice between Claire and Agathe

Ariane challenges Léo and questions him about his motivations. The former policeman admits everything: he intends to recover enough to exonerate Agathe for good. Ariane suspects him of acting out of love. Leo retorts that he is acting out of a duty of justice. Ariane leaves him ten minutes inside the villa…

The next day, Leo goes to the police station with the video of Revel with the prostitutes. He threatens to broadcast it on social networks in the middle of the prosecutor’s press conference. On the other hand, if Revel agrees to release Agathe, then he will entrust her with the video.

Faced with journalists, Revel therefore announces the death of Pavel, as well as the arrest of Lorraine. When he is questioned about Agathe, he explains that she actively collaborated in the operation to arrest Pavel and that she is therefore pardoned.

Free at last, Agathe prepares her things to go to Argentina to join her son. Leo wishes him good luck. But before he leaves, Agathe confesses to him that she is still in love with him and that she is ready to live a story with him.

However, Leo chooses to return to Claire. She is deeply touched and reassured to find the man of her life.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul and Revel take stock of their investigation. Only one escapee remains to be found: Djawad. Jean-Paul nevertheless believes that it is not necessary to deploy so many means to get hold of a man who was imprisoned for little. Especially since his sentence was going to come to an end no matter what. Revel agrees. He congratulates Jean-Paul for his courage and tells him that he will be decorated the next day…

Kevin and Alexandra formalize their relationship

After spending the night at Alexandra’s, Kevin is on cloud nine. He even begins to project himself with her.

At the police station, Ariane overhears Alexandra’s attentions to Kevin and makes fun of them. She suggests Alexandra go out with another brigadier rather than continuing to seduce Belesta.

During a coffee break, Alexandra asks Kevin about his feelings about hiding their relationship at work. The young man admits that he really wants to formalize their couple, but that she can no longer be his trainee.

Kevin and Alexandra announce to Jean-Paul that they are together. He is happy for them. He decides that Ariane will henceforth be Alexandra’s internship tutor.

At the end of the day, Kevin and Alexandra say goodbye on the Place du Mistral. Baptiste sees them. He checks in on his best friend. Faced with the transphobic remarks of the latter, Kevin puts him in his place, then affirming that he feels very happy.

The Marcis reconcile

Kilian suspects Thomas of avoiding her because of the inheritance, even though Gabriel tries to convince him otherwise by explaining that her husband is simply on edge.

At the Mistral bar, Kilian talks with his sister. She admits to being very disappointed with the reaction of their brothers. Kilian, however, understands their feeling of betrayal. He plans to sell the bar to divide it into four, but Lola retorts that the bar is rightfully hers because it belongs there.

Accompanied by Gabriel, Thomas discovers the sailboat he inherited. Above, a man introduces himself to them: he is a representative of the association Une voile pour reparter which helps former prisoners to reintegrate. Roland was their patron and left them his sailboat for free. Thomas wonders about the meaning of his heritage. Gabriel understands that Thomas is his heart’s heir. Roland knew his generosity and knew he would take over at the association. Thomas is deeply touched.

Meanwhile, Blanche accompanies François on the land that Roland bequeathed to him. François complains about it, while Blanche sees it as an opportunity to settle down and build something in Marseille. Gradually, she helps him to project himself into a new house on this land. François is conquered.

Thomas and François then apologize to Kilian. They ensure that he is in the best position to take over and bring the bar to life. The Marci clan reconciles.

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