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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Laetitia must bear the consequences of her outspokenness. Will Kevin succeed in overcoming his discomfort with Alexandra? And Pavel, what does he expect from Luna?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Pavel wants Luna for him

Facing the press, Revel proudly announces that Livia and Stan are behind bars again. As for Pavel, he says he makes it personal and all the police are 100% mobilized to find him. In this case, Pavel listens to his speech and believes that the prosecutor is the ideal mole. He guesses his weak point and instructs one of his henchmen to find Agathe Robin.

As Lorraine approaches him, Pavel inquires about Luna. She is sleeping under sleeping pills in another room. Pavel goes there to observe his ex-girlfriend. Jealous, Lorraine suggests that he get rid of him if he doesn’t want to lose his authority.

For his part, Bastien learns the bad news from Mirta, while Jean-Paul declares that he has no leads to find Luna.

Later, Luna wakes up to find Pavel at her bedside. She realizes that he kidnapped her. Pavel still wishes to reconnect with her, but Luna retorts that it will never happen…

At the same time, Sabrina reads an article in which she learns that Stan will soon be transferred to a prison in Pas-de-Calais. She feels guilty for having spent the day with him without him having had the opportunity to run away and regain his freedom. Nathan tries to reassure her.

Later, Nathan goes to the visiting room with Stan. He admits to her that it was he who reported him to the police, but that he realized his mistake afterwards because the kiss exchanged between Stan and Sabrina was a goodbye kiss. Stan is not surprised by his confession. Nathan hopes Stan never tells Sabrina. The inmate agrees to keep quiet on the condition that Nathan makes her happy.

Kevin breaks up with Alexandra

Kevin confides in Baptiste about Alexandra and reveals to him that she is a trans woman. However, Kevin admits that he wants to sleep with her.

After which, Kevin goes to Alexandra’s house to apologize for his reaction the last time they saw each other. Alexandra lets him into her house so they can talk. She admits to feeling humiliated. Kevin explains that he can’t stand lying. Alexandra explains that she was afraid to tell him the truth, for fear that he would react badly.

Needing to understand, Kevin encourages her to tell him her story. Alexandra talks to her about her childhood, about the fact that she always wanted to be a girl. When she was 5 years old, her mother explained to her that it would never happen. What followed was a painful period for Alexandra, who was ashamed, angry and bullied at school. However, one day, she decided to take charge and start taking hormones. His parents accepted him. When she turned 15, she finally felt 100% herself for the first time in her life.

Kevin is impressed by her journey and the hardships she has gone through. On the other hand, he prefers that they remain friends.

Laetitia passes her inspection

In front of the Zéphyr, Laetitia notices that a poster is posted: it is an advertisement for the search for a cleaning lady. On the square, Claire calls out to him and hears from him. Laetitia explains that she is stressed by her inspection and does not believe herself capable of being a teacher. Claire, on the contrary, encourages him to believe in his vocation.

Arriving in class, Laetitia hears that Betty finds her useless. Without being offended, Laetitia declares that she has no regrets and that if she gets fired, she will at least have been proud to be their teacher.

After her lesson, Laetitia goes to her interview with her inspector. She judged that her courage and tenacity are fine examples to give to the students. As for her shortcomings, they are normal for a beginner and can be filled over time. She therefore declares Laetitia fit to teach, advising her to gain self-confidence. Laetitia cries of joy.

To celebrate, Laetitia goes to Jérôme’s grave with a bottle of champagne. She savors her success, admitting that she gets her tenacity from her ex-husband.

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