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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Abdel worries about Barbara, would Betty sow discord in the couple of Léa and Boher? As for Lola, she suddenly has a brilliant idea: to organize a prom at the end of the year at Scotto.

More beautiful life in advance summary of the episode of

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Barbara takes risks

Abdel announces to Tim that he is going to have lunch with Elisa, which he interprets as a good sign for their affair. Seeing him prepare a drone, Abdel understands that Tim and Barbara intend to return to the site despite his warnings. He then calmly asks Tim again not to train Barbara, which the journalist accepts.

But in reality, Tim is still counting on Barbara to help him. She hesitates to do it behind Abdel’s back, then ends up accompanying Tim.

Meanwhile, Abdel meets Elisa for lunch. She makes amends for her obnoxious behavior by offering him a glass of champagne. When the waiter arrives, he reveals that Abdel bribed him to get information about her. Elisa is touched, so much so that Abdel tells her everything he has done to try to find her. Suddenly, Elisa receives an alert on her mobile phone and remembers that she has an appointment with Judge Colbert. Before leaving, she hands Abdel the paper BTC proposal.

Abdel then goes to the Marci, where he learns from Thomas that Barbara is absent. She is also unreachable. Thomas remembers seeing Tim. Abdel therefore suspects them of being together.

Indeed, Barbara helps Tim to pilot a drone and film images of the construction site in the hope of finding a suspicious element there. As they are putting the drone in a bag, Barbara sees a security guard. She urges Tim to leave with the drone, while she plans to buy time by saying she got lost. But she doesn’t have time to explain that the security guard tases her and she falls to the ground…

Betty can’t go home

Kilian is touched by the behavior of Nisma who is worried about him. He is grateful to her for having taken him in, taken care of him, and for not considering him a monster. The young girl cannot accommodate him any longer because of Abdel’s home practice. Before leaving, Kilian asks her for advice. Nisma suggests that he call his relatives to reassure them. Kilian calls Thomas and Gabriel to tell them he’s fine, with no further information.

For his part, Jean-Paul insists with Léa that Betty finally go home. Léa is ready to take her home after looking for her in high school. But once there, they come across Betty’s mother having sex. Betty therefore leaves with Léa. They are going to eat a sandwich on the beach. Betty takes the opportunity to tell Léa about her parents’ irresponsible behavior. Léa admires his courage. Betty confesses to him that she gives him strength.

Betty therefore returns to the Bohers, while Jean-Paul is preparing a romantic aperitif. Lea explains the situation to him. Even if Jean-Paul feels that Betty is emotionally blackmailing him, he is understanding.

Lola wants to organize a prom

Suffering from the runaway of her brother, Lola finds comfort with Noé. She clings to their plan to bivouac together during the holidays. Noé has not yet spoken to his parents, who would like him to do an internship in the United States to perfect his English. Lola takes a look at the stage in question, feeling some interest in the prom presented there.

The teenager takes it into her head to organize one for Scotto. She pitches the idea on a WhatsApp thread with all the high school students and sees everyone is excited. Sunalee confesses that she has already experienced a prom in the United States. Lola therefore asks for his help to organize everything.

Lola then goes to see Rochat to talk to him about it. She would like to organize this prom of the end of the year on July 5th. However, the director points out that the Terminales begin catch-up the next day. He categorically refuses her proposal. But Lola is not discouraged, determined to give the students the party they deserve.