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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Sylvia and Emilie want to console Vidal. Patrick and Boher set out to trap Prune while dreaming of Hollywood. Baptiste investigates with Justine.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Emma learns of her mother’s death

Ariane goes to Emma, ​​who is alone at home, to tell her that her mother’s body has been found in the area, under a pile of gravel. Emma thought her mother had gone to Spain.

Ariane asks him to provide her with something that belonged to Alice, in order to compare the DNA. Emma hands her the Mother’s Day gift she found in the trash, admitting that her relationship with her mother had long since broken down.

Emma then suspects Jacob of having taken it out on her because when Alice left for Spain, she intended to bring Camille back with her to Nice. However, Camille strongly opposed it and Jacob had the habit of getting rid of the characters who upset her. Ariane asks Emma about Camille’s reaction when her mother allegedly abandoned her at the train station. Emma remembers that her sister was pretty normal…

For his part, Kevin also announces the news to Camille. The young girl pretends to be upset, then tries to find out if the circumstances of Alice’s death have been elucidated. Kevin informs him no, but he promises to find the assassin.

At the same time, Justine finds Baptiste sleeping in the locker room of the fire station. He admits to having spent the night there because Emma kicked him out after discovering their affair. Justine suggests taking a break from their relationship if he needs to take a step back. But Baptiste says he still wants to be with her.

They will then meet Laure DeBussy, inside the ONF, who works with the RCCI. Its purpose is to determine the starting area and the cause of the fires (natural, accidental or malevolent). She prepared a list for them of all the shops in the area that sell abalone shells in order to track down the arsonist among the customers. Throughout the interview, Baptiste declines numerous calls from Kevin, who tries to reach him.

The latter accompanied Camille to the forensic institute where they find Emma in order to identify Alice’s body. Emma observes her sister, who suddenly has trouble breathing. She ends up confronting her, accusing her of being involved in Alice’s death…

Patrick and Jean-Paul dream of Hollywood

Patrick calls Prune back in the presence of Jean-Paul for their infiltration mission. He offers her to chat in his premises, but she claims that there are too many people because of a shooting. Patrick then offers him an appointment at the Marci.

Later, Prune approaches Jean-Paul on the Place du Mistral, while he is taking Aurore in a stroller. Prune flatters Jean-Paul by comparing him to the Emperor Augustus, then asks him to come to the meeting she has planned with Patrick to talk to him about baby castings.

Seeing Jean-Paul arrive, Patrick is a little jealous. When Prune joins them, they confess that they already know each other. Prune explains to them that there are several stages of selection for the baby auditions, but that it is the actress Jennifer Mitchum who will decide in the end. Prune then offers them to prepare a book of professional photos of their children that they can take on its premises at a derisory price.

Fanny goes around the world

At the roommate, Sylvia and Émilie notice that Romain has been drowning in work since Fanny went on vacation. While sorting the mail, Sylvia notices a postcard sent by Fanny. She reads it aloud to her roommates: Fanny writes that she has accepted a job as a waitress on an ocean liner and that she is going to go around the world. Romain is deeply disappointed.

As he returns to his office, Sylvia feels guilty. Convinced that Fanny does not assume her feelings for Romain when they are meant to be together, Sylvia plans to interfere again in their story. But Emilie thinks that would make things worse. In this case, Sylvia wants to at least be honest by admitting to Romain that she pretended to be Fanny by writing him a letter to prevent him from going to Paris.

Despite Emilie’s reluctance, Sylvia goes to Romain’s office to tell him the truth and ask his forgiveness. But the doctor is very angry to learn that Fanny does not share his feelings and that he left his ex-wife for a lie.

Later, Émilie realizes that Romain is sulking at Sylvia. While the latter is busy with her work at the Marci, Émilie joins Romain at the roommate, admitting that she knew about the fake letter. The doctor admits to being injured, but he also recognizes that he must mourn his story with Fanny.

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