More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Tuesday, February 22, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Patrick and Babeth cannot bring themselves to abandon their baby at the ASE, Baptiste finally understands where his instructor is coming from. Malika continues to push Rochat.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

The Nebouts have a solution to save Manon

Patrick insists with Babeth to go to ASE and hear from their son. Meanwhile, Léa, who knows nothing, keeps Raphaël. Under the pretext of a police investigation, Patrick and Babeth obtain information from the ASE. Their son, named Rémi, is doing well. They learn that his mother is still on schedule to get him back before he officially becomes a ward of the state.

Back home, Patrick and Babeth contemplate what happens next. If he is ready to give up Raphaël to recover Rémi by revealing the truth to the ASE, this is not the case for Babeth who also considers Raphaël as his son. So she wants to find a way to keep the two babies. The solution would be for Manon to retract, then for them all to live together.

While Manon must be transferred to prison by the police, Patrick asks to speak to her. He goes inside the truck and obtains confirmation from her that no member of the Rousseau gang was aware of her pregnancy or of the fact that she worked for the Nebouts. Patrick then gives his word to Manon. He promises to do everything to save her, but she finds it hard to believe…

Fanny replaces Barbara as the roommate

Delighted with her new home, Barbara shows Nathan around. They then sit down at the counter of the Marci, where Fanny serves them a coffee. The latter is interested in taking Barbara’s place as the roommate. Nathan quickly arranges a visit for her in the afternoon. A visit that ends in a mutual crush. The roommates toast when Fanny arrives. She nevertheless points out that it is particularly cold in the apartment.

In high school, Nathan urges Rochat to contact a heating engineer as soon as possible to resolve the worsening situation. Passing in the corridor, Malika thinks that Nathan treats his companion in a disrespectful way and encourages him not to give him a present.

In the evening, completely frozen, Nathan, Mouss and Sabrina try to warm up with a raclette grill. They trust Rochat to solve the problem. Malika arrives to lend them a little extra heater. However, she fails to provide them with the batteries needed to operate it. The roommates then understand that she is openly laughing at them.

Baptiste gets closer to Justine

At the barracks, Jean-Louis explains the day’s exercise: it involves working on managing vertigo by going up and then down a 32-meter ladder in complete safety. At the end of his passage, Baptiste is congratulated by his instructor and applauded for his performance.

Reassured by this recognition, Baptiste is in a better state of mind. At the stadium, he finds Justine with whom he trains by challenging her. After their training, Baptiste tries to find out where his vocation comes from. Justine explains that she has always been different from other girls in wanting to become a firefighter. Baptiste says he had a desire recently, following his rescue experience during the blackout. While Justine, impressed, begins to flirt with him, Baptiste replies that he must go home to take care of his son.