More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Tuesday August 9, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News…

More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of tuesday august 9, 2022 [spoilers] - news...

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… Camille reveals her true face. Life on the farm is not a long calm river for Eric. For their part, Vidal and Vanessa can no longer leave each other.

Camille shows her true face

The police station called Rochat to inform him that a body had been found. Emma and Kevin are already at the quarry watching the police search the Zone when he arrives on the scene. César’s uncle still does not know that they have found the young man’s identity card and he is far from imagining that the worst has happened.

He is in denial, and is convinced that Caesar is alive and well. A few moments later, Ariane announces to Rochat that the body found is indeed that of César. Upset, he breaks down in tears in Emma’s arms.

A few hours later, Camille is auditioned by Patrick and Jean-Paul, but the young woman refuses to collaborate and is walled in her silence. The two policemen try to convince her to speak, in vain. They are desperate to get information out of him.

For his part, while he is in the process of investigating the potential site of the next outbreak of fire, Baptiste receives a message which informs him of Caesar’s death. Even though he was not really friends with him, he is still in shock at this terrible news. He decides to call Emma and Barbara but Justine tries to convince him to go see them in person, without success. The young firefighter prefers to call them.

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At the Mistral, Rochat, Emma and Barbara meet at the Marci to pay homage to César. With tears in his eyes, the young man’s uncle confides to Emma that Caesar loved her passionately. The latter is very moved. Rochat regrets not having worried earlier about César’s disappearance, but for Emma, ​​it wouldn’t have changed anything.

He also remembers that before leaving, his nephew had told him that he loved him. It was the first, and the last time Caesar would say those words to her. For her part, Barbara regrets not having been able to say goodbye to him. Moved, Rochat then takes the two young women in his arms.

Back at the police station, Nebout and Boher decide to change their method and bring Emma to the interrogation room. She tries to convince her little sister to talk to the police, if only for the victims and their loved ones. Faced with her silence, Emma pushes Camille to free herself from Jacob. She also explains that, if she decides to cooperate, the judge will take it into account.

But Camille no longer trusts herself or Kevin. Even if Emma explains to her that they did it for her good, the young woman continues to believe that she is lying to her. She is convinced that Kevin and Emma have done everything to get rid of her.

It is then that Camille shows her true face: she throws herself on Emma and begins to strangle her, telling her that she deserves to be punished. Patrick intervenes immediately and separates the two young girls. While restrained by a policeman, Camille continues to yell at Emma and swears that she will kill her.

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Olivier Jourdan is released

As Olivier Jourdan leaves the police station, he meets Major Nebout who informs him that he is not going to let him go. But the cult leader is happy to see their paths cross again in the future. Jourdan thinks Patrick deserves to return to live in the community.

The latter, however, succeeded in freeing himself from the hold that the guru had over him, and he criticizes Olivier for having taken advantage of the fact that he was in a dark period to indoctrinate him. Jourdan continues to provoke the policeman by mentioning his wife and his daughter which has the gift of annoying Patrick who loses his temper.

Simon’s ex arrives at the farm

A fire breaks out in Simon’s barn. The day before, Eric and he drank beers and left the bottles at the foot of the haystacks. With the sun, they made a magnifying effect which caused the fire. As they try to put it out, they realize that their neighbor, Malard, has diverted the water again. Luckily, thanks to the water that remained in the horses’ bucket, they manage to control this outbreak of fire before it gets too big.

Eric then offers Simon to leave for a while and come back once the drought is over, but the farmer cannot bring himself to leave his farm. He needs to earn a living, and he also needs to be there if something should happen. Simon admits to his companion that he no longer has insurance, for lack of money.

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Éric and Simon then decide to go to their neighbor’s house to talk to him. Éric puts pressure on Malard and asks him to stop diverting the water, but the old man threatens them with his rifle, which puts an end to the discussions.

Éric is back in Marseille to buy fire extinguishers. He then comes across Ariane at the Mistral bar, who explains to him that she is worried about him because of the fires that are raging in the region.

Back at the farm, Eric and Simon place the fire extinguishers in strategic places. It is then that Marc, Simon’s ex, suddenly arrives. The latter argued with his boyfriend and, not knowing where to go, he came to seek Simon’s help so that he could lodge him. The farmer reluctantly agrees to let him stay with him for a few days.

Romain and Vanessa are inseparable

Romain and Vanessa meet again and decide to settle down on the Marci terrace. Sylvia doesn’t take her eyes off them, which makes them uncomfortable. They decide to leave and go to the Latino bar to wiggle their hips. Vanessa and Romain end up exchanging their first kiss.

Subsequently, Dr. Vidal takes the young woman home. As they kiss outside her door, someone watches them from behind the window. Romain would have liked her to invite him to her house but she explains to him that it will not be possible. The two lovers plan to meet again the next day.

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