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In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While Baptiste is plagued by doubt, Yolande and Luna discover Mirta’s secret. At the same time, Vanessa drugs Romain without his knowledge, and Eric makes a capital discovery.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, August 30 in More beautiful life

Baptist plagued by doubt

Baptiste picks up Mathis at Emma’s to take him to the summer camp. Emma takes the opportunity to tell her ex that she did well to follow Justine. She sends Baptiste on his mobile phone the photo she took on Friday and the latter, astonished, immediately recognizes the man who takes Justine in his arms: it is Olivier Jourdan, the sect guru who is suspected to be linked to the fires affecting the region. Baptiste does not understand what his companion is doing with this individual. Emma does not take long to imply that Justine could be Jourdan’s accomplice.

When Justine comes home from jogging, Baptiste, who can’t help but doubt, confronts her. The young woman explains to her that Oliver Jourdan called her to tell her about the sect and that she thought it was an opportunity to get some information. Baptiste tries to make her understand that she could have put herself in danger, but Justine replies that she is a big girl and that she does not need her agreement to act. However, the tensions eventually dissipate and the two lovers kiss.

Later, Baptiste returns to Emma’s to bring her a toy that Mathis had forgotten. He explains to Emma why Justine met Jourdan. But Emma does not seem convinced. She confides in her ex that she doesn’t really feel her new companion and that she doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Even if it means looking crazy if she is wrong.

In the middle of the night, Justine receives an SMS. The young woman gets up and leaves the apartment. Baptiste eventually wakes up and notices his absence. He tries to reach his partner, but in vain. He then heard on the radio that a new outbreak of fire had just occurred not far from Marseille. Once again, the authorities suspect this fire to be of criminal origin.

Yolande and Luna discover Mirta’s secret

Yolande meets Mirta in the Zéphyr hall and notices that she is in a hurry. Yolande has the feeling that her friend is trying to run away from her and wants to shadow her. But Akira points out to her that she will be spotted right away. The teenager then offers Yolande a deal. Against 100 euros, she can follow Mirta discreetly to find out the identity of her lover. Yolande bargains and accepts for 30 euros.

Mirta and Father Luc walk around and discuss the young priest’s celibacy, which they seem ready to question. Taking advantage of the present moment and their love like two teenagers, they end up kissing, without suspecting that Akira is spying on them and taking their picture.

Back at the hotel, Akira shows Yolande the photo she took of Mirta and Father Luc kissing. Yolande can’t believe it. But according to her, that explains everything. Akira then shows the photo to Luna who first believes it to be a photomontage before realizing it is a real photo. She’s completely taken aback.

Vanessa drugs Romain without his knowledge

The big day has arrived for Romain who is about to go romantically with Vanessa. At breakfast, Sylvia makes sure he hasn’t forgotten anything and makes fun of him by asking him if he’s thought of taking a tear gas bomb. Before leaving for the office, Romain asks Sylvia not to go into the room because Vanessa is still sleeping. Once Vidal has left, Emilie points out to Sylvia that she could have refrained from talking about the tear gas canister, but Sylvia does not budge: Vanessa is strange, and just wants to make sure that nothing will happen to her. Roman.

During the day, Romain and Vanessa finally arrive in the young woman’s little corner of paradise. It’s a very quiet place, which instantly seems to do them a world of good. Vanessa promises to take good care of Doctor Vidal. The two lovers take a selfie in honor of their first day cut off from the world, then Vanessa takes Romain to visit the place.

During dinner, Vanessa confides in Romain that she spent precious moments in this cabin, which was a real refuge for her when she was young. She was fleeing the world and the kids of her age. She adds that it was here that she learned the song of birds, as well as the secrets of trees and plants. His mother was a botanist and she taught him everything. Romain tells her in return how good he feels with her. Vanessa then admits that she dreams of being able to live with him in this refuge. She then asks Romain to get his cell phone and takes the opportunity to drug him without his knowledge by pouring something into his glass.

Eric makes an important discovery

Eric goes to the police station to offer his help with the investigation into Simon’s attack. He asks Kevin if he can take a look at the highway CCTV footage from last August 12. But Kevin, who has already viewed them, assures that he did not spot Marc’s car. However, in the face of Eric’s dismay, Kevin finally gives in.

While viewing the images of the motorway, Eric makes an important discovery: Martin, the second-hand dealer, stopped at the motorway rest area located near the farm around 6 p.m. It is therefore surely he who assaulted Simon.

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