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In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… Eric seeks to lead the investigation into Simon’s assault on his own. Emma wants to reveal her feelings to Baptiste while Lola meets a wolf.

Eric leads the investigation

Simon was transferred to a sterile room, but he is still in a coma. Éric then explains to him that he has arranged for the horses to be boarded at a stud farm. He encourages Simon to hang on and promises to find the individual who shot him. Before leaving the room, he tells her that he loves her.

Later, the ex-policeman arrives at the police station to seek information, but the computer password has been changed. He asks Ariane to give him the new one but she refuses, Eric no longer being a police officer. The young woman, who is in charge of the investigation, promises her friend that she will do everything to arrest the man who shot Simon.

But he can’t bring himself to stay there, doing nothing. He requires the lab report as well as the ballistics report. That’s when Jean-Paul Boher intervenes and asks Eric to come to his office. He wants to know if Simon had any enemies. Eric gives him the name of his ex, Marc Renkin, and that of Roger Mallard, the neighbor who blocks the water from the canal.

Back at the farm, the firefighters find that the fire on Simon’s farm is of criminal origin. They have indeed found traces of the start of the fire: rags soaked in gasoline were thrown inside the barn. Ariane therefore takes over the investigation.

Romain confides his secret to Vanessa

Vanessa and Romain spent the night at the hotel. In the early morning, the young woman offers Dr. Vidal to go on vacation for a week. Vanessa wants to take Romain to a small family cabin in the middle of nature. She tells him how important it is to her, because she has never taken anyone there. Romain accepts, delighted to go with her.

In the office, Romain comes across Sylvia who wants to know everything about his evening the day before. He tells her that he feels good with Vanessa and that he doesn’t want to hide things from her. This is why he admits to her a little later that he has a degenerative disease. Vanessa is happy that Romain trusts her and then declares her love for him.

A few hours later, Sylvia surprises Vanessa rummaging through Romain’s belongings. The young woman first claims to be looking for paracetamol and leaves in a hurry without telling Romain, leaving Sylvia somewhat taken aback.

Lola faces a wolf

Kilian has no news from Lola and he begins to worry. He tries to reach his sister without success and leaves her a message. But a few moments after hanging up, Lola calls him back. She had to climb up a cliff to get network.

Lola tries to reassure her brother. She is doing well and manages to support herself without worry. But Kilian would like Lola to come back, because covering her becomes difficult. But the girl doesn’t really want to come home right away.

As she continues her hike, Lola comes face to face with a wolf. She gives him water and he leaves immediately. She was scared of her life.

Emma fights to get Baptiste back

At the Marci, Barbara comes to apologize to Emma for having had an affair with Baptiste. She makes her mea culpa, aware that their friendship has suffered. Emma has turned the page and does not hold it against him. The young woman is aware that Baptiste was suffocating and that he had to find his balance elsewhere.

Emma also confides to Barbara that César’s death has made her realize a lot of things and that she wants to pick up the pieces with her husband. Barbara reassures the young woman by telling her that Justine does not come close to her and encourages her to fight.

Emma then arranges to meet Baptiste at the very place where he proposed to her. She wants to make up for lost time, convinced that they are made for each other. Emma declares to Baptiste that she loves him and that he is the man of her life.