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More beautiful life in advance summary of the episode of

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”… While Kevin and Emma are investigating Camille, Patrick and Boher get into a funny situation. Meanwhile, Mirta finds relief in an unexpected way.

Kevin and Emma investigate

Early in the morning, Kevin visits Emma to show her the video of the confrontation between Camille and Jacob. The young woman communicated with the criminal through gestures. The young woman thus used a gesture which is a secret code which she also shares with Kevin and which means that she feels bad and that she is afraid. The young policeman also noticed that Camille thanks Jacob for not having reported him at the end of their interview. So Emma was right all along.

Kevin decides to go back to the apartment to investigate. He discovers hidden behind a painting a notebook which seems to resemble the young girl’s diary. Camille also begins to notice that Kevin’s attitude has been different lately, she feels he is distant. He reassures her by telling her that everything is fine. He then offers to call Emma, ​​so that the two reconcile.

While the three of them are at Marci, Emma discreetly manages to steal Camille’s keys, which she gives to Kevin. The latter slips away, saying that the two young women need to talk alone. He then goes to the apartment, and opens the padlock of his girlfriend’s diary using the keys. As the policeman takes pictures of the pages of the notebook, he discovers how obsessed the young woman is with him.

For their part, Justine and Baptiste, who spin the perfect love, continue to investigate the forest fires. But they fail to find a common point between the various fires of the arsonist. It was at this time that a new outbreak of fire in the Arbois massif was reported to them. Baptiste then notices that the starting points of fire form a pentagon. It is the same geometric shape formed by the combustion points found inside the abalone shell.

Patrick and Boher in a funny situation

Prune is upset: another casting director sent the production in Hollywood a photo of a father and his son taken in the atmosphere of the next film by Jennifer Mitchum. To compete, she offers Patrick and Boher to go up a notch by shooting a scene from the film in costume and they will be the actors. She has a friend who works in a theater and who can lend them everything they need. Filming is scheduled for the same afternoon. The two policemen are leaving.

A few hours later, while the two friends are rehearsing in costumes, Prune arrives, also in disguise. The young woman does not leave the two fathers indifferent, who compliment her on her outfit.

During one take, Boher ignites and moves away from the original text. Caught up in the energy of the moment, he kisses Prune. Patrick intervenes to separate them. Later, Boher tells him that Léa is gradually moving away from him. He reassures his stepfather by telling him that it will not happen again.

Mirta finds courage

Mirta continues to hide her cancer from those close to her and prays that her tumor will disappear as quickly as it appeared. She is interrupted by a call from Gabriel who is worried that he has not received the result of Mirta’s biopsy. The latter reassures him by telling him that everything is fine and promises to send him the results on occasion.

In the process, she receives a visit from Yolande who wants to take her fishing for singles as they had planned. But Mirta prefers to decline the invitation and makes him understand that she is not in the mood for that at the moment.

A few hours later, Mirta returns to see Father Luc in the confessional. She confides to him that she is afraid of dying because of her cancer. He gives her courage. Back on the Place du Mistral, Mirta is appeased, which did not escape Yolande. The latter is convinced that Luna’s mother has met a man.

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